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Local Fifth Graders Taking on Bullies

TITLE:Local Fifth Graders Taking on Bullies

PUBLISHED:Wed, 17 Mar 2010

DESCRIPTION:SPECIAL REPORT - Bullying. It happens in the little town of Harvard, MA, at the elementary school, just as it happens in every school, everywhere. But these students are teaming up to stop it.

FULL ARTICLE:http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/special_reports/local-fifth-graders-taking-on-bullies

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You're at school, you see some big kids pushing around a little kid. He is getting bullied. You want to help, but you can't. You don't know any methods that would help. All the methods that you learned since first grade, like using your words and telling a teacher, don't really work. They just make the bully mad and then the bully will want to bully you even more. Adults are always telling you to go right to them when you get bullied. But don't you realize that in the past if you have went to tell the teacher that IT DOESN'T WORK! It makes the bullying worse. But we fifth graders in Ms. Keith's class have some ideas that can stop bullying for good.

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