About us/How to stop bullying

It all started when our class read a TIME FOR KIDS article about bullying. We talked about the article and came to a conclusion that bullying can hurt people badly. We wanted to help the victims out, so we did some research on how to stop bullying. We worked hard making plans, and doing research. We also made a comic strip, posters, a rap, a slide show, and a play. We finally found a few ways on how to stop bullying. We learned about a man named Izzy Kalman. He's been devoted to stopping bullying for good. Izzy's best way to stop bullying is to not react and agree with the bully. To learn more about Izzy, go to his page: Izzy, or his site http://www.bullies2buddies.com. (Or you could visit one of our pages Verbal bullying. and this is only one of our pages. you can also visit any of the other pages. They will help you stop bullying too).
      We all thought this was fascinating and exciting, so we decided we would try to find out more about everyone that was trying to stop bullying. So we researched some more. And found something.
      Our school guidance counselor came to us with a video about a kid, that has Tourrettes Syndrome, named Jaylen. He has been trying to stop bullying, also. You can read more about him at his page: Jaylen. (Or go to his site http://www.jaylenschallenge.org).
And guess what? There's more!
More ways to get the bully off your back is to:
-If a rumor starts to spread, ask the bully do you believe it or not (You can find out more at our page Rumors).
-AGREE with the bully
-Ask a Question
-Change the conversation to a different topic
-Act as if they've won
-Remember to not react. it's very important. "When you react your giving the bully fuel." says Nick. "It's just like a car. If you give the car gas (by reacting to the bully) the car will keep going (the bully will keep throwing comebacks at you). If you don't give the car gas, (by not reacting to the bully) the car will stop. (The bully will get bored and stop.)"
-Always react with a positive attitude. 
-There are more ways on the video at Izzy's page to deal with Exclusion
Oh, by the way, the bullying might get worse before it will get better. So be prepared!

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