Welcome to the resources page for the Borderlands Writing Project Saturday Seminar, Spring 2011.  The links below lead to resource pages for the presentations offered at the seminar.  There, you can download handouts and connect to webpages used and recommended by our presenters.

For more information about the Borderlands Writing Project, please visit our website.

K-8 strand

Small Book Workshop:  Engaging Multiple Literacies (Barbara Pearlman)
Community Building:  Students and Teachers Connecting through Reading and Writing (Beth Kaime and Lynda Garcia)
Writing with Media (Mattie Kannard and Rebecca Powell)
Identities Under Fire:  Writing Back to Stereotypes and Struggle (Jen Almjeld)

Collegiate strand

Assessment:  Reading and Responding to Writing in English 111 (Patti Wojahn and Marc Scott)
"What You Ask For is What You Get":  A Rhetoric of Writing Assignments (Chris Burnham)
Aligning and Articulating:  Easing the Transition from High School to College Writing (Susan Wood and Chris Nordquist)