Black Women in Computing

Black Women in Computing (BWiC) is a community created to provide support and resources aimed at increasing the number of black women and other underrepresented groups in computing-related fields. In pursuit of our Recruitment & Retention mission, BWiC has implemented a series of programming and gaming workshops to expose young minorities to computing: Pathways to STEM. BWiC has worked with industry, academia, and community partners to offer this free workshop to students. 

The BWiC Gaming Workshop is a one-day game development workshop. The purpose of this event is to increase students’ interest in computer science and programming, to promote education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and to support historically under-served and underrepresented students with limited opportunities or access to resources in these areas. This workshop is geared toward students with no prior experience in computer science or programming. Food will be provided.

We are offering 2 workshop in the fall: one in Austin, TX (Sep 2016) and one in Houston, TX (Oct 2016). Please join us for these amazing events. More announcements for 2017 are coming soon!