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Low Pass Filter Design Example

low pass filter design example
    filter design
  • Filter design is the process of designing a filter (in the sense in which the term is used in signal processing, statistics, and applied mathematics), often a linear shift-invariant filter, which satisfies a set of requirements, some of which are contradictory.
    low pass
  • (of a filter) Transmitting all frequencies below a certain value
  • A low-pass filter is a filter that passes low-frequency signals but attenuates (reduces the amplitude of) signals with frequencies higher than the cutoff frequency. The actual amount of attenuation for each frequency varies from filter to filter.
  • All signals below a given crossover frequency. If a crossover frequency is set at 16,000 Hz, for example, the low pass is everything below 16,000 Hz.
  • Low altitude run over the targeted area. May be used by air attack or lead plane to get a close look at the target or to show a tanker pilot a target which is difficult to describe. May be used by tanker pilot to get a better look at the target or to warn ground personnel of an impending drop

AirExpo 2010 at Flying Cloud Airport - TBM Avenger - Low Pass
AirExpo 2010 at Flying Cloud Airport - TBM Avenger - Low Pass
This beautiful example of a TBM-3 Avenger has attended the AirExpo before, but it is clear that they have done some nice work to it since it was last here. They have added an underwing radar pod under the right wing and rockets under both wings. The TBM Avenger was used as a carrier based Torpedo Bomber during WWII. TBM Avengers were built by General Motors. TBF Avengers were built by Grumman -- the company that designed the Avenger. The Avenger is the same type of aircraft that was flown by the first President Bush. I know I took a lot of photos of it, but the pilot, Brad "Hollywood" Deckert obviously liked to fly it and did three flights while I was at the show. Brad knew how to demonstrate this airplane and made some spectacular low passes down the runway, including this one.
REGA Jet low-pass
REGA Jet low-pass
At the end of the Airshow "Zigermeet-Mollis" the jet of the REGA (swiss air rescue) flew a low-pass over the airfield. It was just a snapshot but with luck it got quite ok.

low pass filter design example
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