Welcome to Bushwhacker-IRVOC Adventure-O!  This is a beginner-oriented adventure race with a focus on orienteering, the sport of the map and compass. Planning for the 2015 IRVOC Adventure-O is underway.  What we do know is that the location and format will be similar to 2014 and the date is set for June 6.  Save the date. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

UPDATES (5/31/15) CLICK HERE!!!!

2-Hour and 6-Hour Adventure Race
2-Person Teams
Race Date: June 6, 2015
Start time for the 6 hour is 8AM.
Start time for the 2 hour is 9AM.
Race Location:  Comlara Park, Hudson, IL  Headquarters at southern end of lake, shown in the map below.
The pin below shows the location of the race HQ.  It is NOT the same as either of the two previous years.
Race HQ Location Link in Google Maps

Watch the videos and view the photos to see what this race is about.
Video from the 2012 race:

YouTube Video


Race preview