Scripture Remembrance
Let us be wise in understanding the truth and to use it for that purpose.

One thing that has bothered me for awhile, is the lack of remembering scripture. I have noticed that I do not stand alone in this aspect, for I often hear people say, "I know it says something like that in Gods Word, yet I can't remember where it was at." That really bothers me, because to a non- believer... if and when we state this, then we fall short, because how can God work in that persons life with scripture that was given, if it wasn't really given?

With that said: I have been considering this for awhile, and I am now ready to put action to my thoughts of truth. Here is my idea to help me understand scripture better... I went to Walmart "anybody who knows me, knows that I rarely do this..HA,Ha..", and purchased a mp3 player for about 35 dollars. Now, I find the scripture that I want to learn first and record me reading it, and save it to an .mp3 file to be played on my mp3 player. By doing this and wearing it at times of work, walking, cooking, etc. I believe that I can better learn scripture.  Would you embark on this journey with me?

Now for me: I feel, hearing my own voice would help me to grasp it better. Yet, some may find it easier just to download the files placed here. Regardless of how you do it, I pray the Lord blesses you for your efforts in trying to grow closer to Him.

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