Bill VanPatten is a native Californian of Mexican ancestry with some Midwest blood thrown in.  After graduating from Santa Clara University, he attended the University of Texas at Austin where he received an M.A. in Romance Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics. He  had a long and distinguished career at the University of Illinois (both Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses), Texas Tech University and Michigan State University (see his cv below) before deciding to become an independent scholar and free agent.  He used to be a runner, but much to his chagrin he damaged his knees while running off the stress of filming Destinos, so his running is reduced to mad dashes from his car to the indoors during a downpour or when being chased in a dark alley.  The former happens more frequently than the latter.  When not engaged in academic activities, Bill likes to write fiction and he has performed as a standup comedian.  

For additional bio information, see BVP's cv page in this site.


"Two days ago, I watched life make a bloody exit from my body. We weren’t allowed sharp objects. I’d stolen the paring knife from the kitchen, having picked the lock and broken in late in the evening. My mother always said I was sneaky and couldn’t be trusted—just like my father.

She was right." 

--from the story, "Cooking with Rachael Ray" in Dust Storm

Now available on, the collection of stories that take place during a major dust storm in the conservative heart of West Texas: Lubbock. Available in both print and Kindle versions. Click here