Homework Assignments

Mr. Speer's Class: Study for VOCABULARY QUIZ tomorrow.(ELECTRICITY) Print words off of QUIZLET and cut into flashcards.  Some of the students already did this...way to go!!
Mr. Speer's class:
Study for vocabulary quiz this Friday, January 20th. Look on quizlet, the vocab words are listed under the title ELECTRICITY. You can also look in chapter 17 of your text book. You still have a chance to complete your homework from Tuesday... page 287 answer questions 1-8. This must be handed in tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th. 
PLEASEEEE study the VOCABULARY for tomorrow's(1/13/12) HEAT TRANSFER quiz. It will also be helpful if you review Chapter 10 in your text book. 
 Click on Useful Links under the title MORE STUFF on the left hand side of this page. Then click on Quizlet, click on MY DASHBOARD. You will then be able to click on the vocabulary flashcards that say ENERGY TRANSFER.


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Just a reminder...Tomorrow(Friday 12/2/11), you will be taking the "Forces and Motion" benchmark quiz. Not to worry...remember what Mr. Speer told you-the quiz is almost exactly the same as the quiz you took before break.
*Be sure to keep up with the vocabulary by checking out the quizlet link on the front page

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HOMEWORK W/E 11/18/11:
Mr. Speer's and Ms. O'neills class -
STUDY for Unit Quiz this Wednesday, November 16th! The quiz is on everything we have been learning about so far; Motion, Work, Velocity, Acceleration, Speed, Gravity, Newtons 3 Laws of Motion, Force, Mass, Inertia, Friction.
*Bring in a cylinder shaped can with a lid by this Wednesday, November 16th.

HOMEWORK W/E 10/21/11

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Week Ending 10/21/11
Mr. Speer's Class: VOCABULARY QUIZ on Friday 10/21/11 on the vocabulary covered this week.  Be sure to check the Quizlet link on the front page to prepare for the Quiz.


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MR. SPEER & MS. O'NEILL: STUDY!! FOR MATTER UNIT TEST ON FRIDAY!  It covers everything we've done so far: Matter, Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Compounds, Mixtures, Solutions, Bonds, Periodic Table, States of Matter, etc.  Check the website for PowerPoints, study guides, links to Quizlet for vocab practice and much more!

MR. SAWYER: Work on your Revolutionary War Newsletter.  All the news about how the Revolutionary War affected Georgia as well as Georgia's role.  Due on Monday, 10/10/11

HOMEWORK for Week Ending 09/30/11

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MR. SAWYER: STUDY FOR COLONIZATION TEST!!! Test is on Wednesday, 09/28/11

MR. SPEER: Chapter 2, Section 2: Physical Properties - Read pages 44 - 48 (in your text book or online) and answer questions 1 - 6 in the Section Review.  NOTE: WRITE THE QUESTION AND THE ANSWER.  Due Wednesday, 09/28/11, beginning of class.


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Mr. Speer: Science:  Adopt-An-Element Brochure is due THIS THURSDAY, 09/22/11
There will be a FOLDER CHECK  next Friday, 09/30/11 (Make sure you have everything!)

Mr. Sawyer: Ga Studies: Warm Up Quiz Friday, 09/23/11

Week Ending 09/16/11

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Mr. Speer's Class: PERIODIC TABLE  & PHASE CHANGE GRAPH QUIZ -  Friday, 09/16/11
   Gold Dust Kid worksheet: DUE WEDNESDAY, 09/14/11

Ms. O'Neill's Class: WARM UP QUIZ -  Friday, 09/16/11

Mr. Sawyer's Class: WARM UP QUIZ - THURSDAY, 09/16/11  Entries #21 - 40

Dr. People's Class:

Homework Week Ending 09/09/11

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Mr. Speer & Ms. O'Neill: Make sure you get all the warm up questions and answers so you can study for the Warm Up Quiz on Friday, 09/09/11

Homework for Week Ending 09/02/11

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Dr. Peoples: STUDY FOR TEST ON FRIDAY - 09/02/11
     It's a 50 question test.  The first 20 are identifying Regions, major Cities, and surrounding States of Georgia
     The next 30 are about the aspects of the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland & Mississippian Indians.
Mr. Speer / Ms. O'Neill / Mr. Phelps: STUDY FOR QUIZ ON FRIDAY - 09/02/11
    It's a 25 question quiz about Matter, Density, Parts of the Atom, Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures and a couple of questions about Solutions (Solute, Solvent, and Solubility)

Homework for Week ending 08/26/11

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08/23/11: Mr. Sawyer: finish coloring Georgia Map
                                 Study for Georgia Map Quiz (08/26/11)
               Mr. Speer: Study for Matter Quiz (9/02/11)
08/22/11: Speer's Science: Sign and return the syllabus.

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