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Happy Birthday!

Susan Brumbaugh 11/11
Peggy McMenus 11/14
Pam Willett 11/16
Betty Wittington 11/18
Laura Wiersema 11/18
Rhonda Dietz 11/27


We send cards to our members experiencing illness, death in the family or other difficulties? We need your help - let us know if you are aware of any situations.

Join the Bella Vista 9-Hole Women's Golf Association

Membership Applications are available to join for 2019 Click here for Application

2019 Officers & Committee Chairs

Officers - Jan Franklin, secretary
Karen Fowler, Treasurer
Rhonda Dietz, Vice-President
Margo Eckhardt, Past President
Susan Nuttall, President

Check out the 2019 Officers, Chairperson and Committee Members list.  
Click here for a copy. Thank you all for volunteering.

2019 Bella Vista 9 Hole Golf Association Officers and Chairs

Carol Kaufmann, Donna Meyer, Diane Dreher, Jan Franklin, Karin Fowler, Ruth Hatcher, Margo Eckhardt, Pat Davis, Pat Slatton, Rhonda Clymer Dietz, Sandra Foster, Judy Lemoine, Chris Baker, Kathy King, Andy Jackson, Jane Long, Susan Nuttall, Sue Uhlarick

2018 Bella Vista Women's 9 Hole Handbook

The 2018 Handbook is now available to view and/or print. Click here for Bella Vista Golf Web Link. Please take time to review the 2018 revised booklet. This is a great way to prepare for the new season

2018 Local Rules

The 18 Hole Ladies Golf Association held a Rules Information meeting. During this meeting a Bella Vista Local Rules flyer was distributed. Click Here to view the Bella Vista Local Rules.

Also, be sure to say a big Thank You to our Sponsors!

Donations Delivered to Animal Shelter and Courtesy Van

Donations in the amount of $343.00 each were delivered to the 
Bella Vista Animal Shelter and the Bella Vista Courtesy Van.  At the Animal Shelter, Susan Nuttall and Rhonda Dietz were greeted by several current guests waiting for forever homes.  The newly arrived kitten showed off her developing 'swatting skills' before retiring to her 'igloo' on the counter.  

Bill Puskas, Board Chair of the Bella Vista Courtesy Van, met us on a cold November day.  He was truly appreciative of the donation.  

Both organizations are always looking for volunteers.
The Bella Vista 9-Hole Women's Golf Association votes on two charities each year to support.  Funds are raised in the 60/40 ticket sales at the Spring & Fall Brunch and the Member-Guest Day.  In 2018, the club raised $686 for these worthy organizations.  If you have ideas about charities to support, please send them Susan Nuttall.

2018 Fall Brunch Happenings

Congratulations to all of the Year End Winners

During the Fall Brunch, we surveyed the members regarding games they favor.  The results may be viewed in the "News" section of our site.
Click Here to view results.

Ruth Hatcher reviewed some of the Rules changes for 2019.  If you are playing winter golf, you can pick up a copy of the 2019 USGA Rules Book at the Country Club Golf Office.  Otherwise, they will be available in the Spring.

The USGA has lots of information on the rules.  There are several helpful videos at this link.  Information about different rulebooks can be found here.
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