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Wholesale Gold Necklace

wholesale gold necklace
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wholesale gold necklace - Genuine Swarovski
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace with Rondelle - Gold (8mm)
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace with Rondelle - Gold (8mm)
This Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace is beautiful and elegant. At 18" long, it is carefully hand strung on finest quality silk thread. It is finished with a sterling silver Fish Hook Filigree Clasp.Beautiful white swarovski crystal rondelles add an elegant sparkle to the piece. Buy this necklace with its matching earrings and bracelet. At these wholesale prices, this piece is a steal.

The Secret Of Swarovski Crystal Pearls : Each Swarovski Crystal Pearl is created around a crystal core, hence the name Crystal Pearl. This crystal core gives the pearl its ideal weight and combined with the Swarovski Pearl coating it causes each Crystal Pearl to glow from within. The pearl coating developed by Swarovski is applied around the crystal core in pearly layers. The high specific gravity of a raw pearl made of crystal gives the Swarovski Crystal Pearl the same weight as a cultured pearl. Swarovski crystal pearls look very high quality with its superior lustre. These are better to maintain than cultured pearls. They do not get stained by sweat. A Swarovski Crystal Pearl feels good to the touch and as a piece of jewelry, it offers that sensual experience valued by pearl enthusiasts.

Occasions : Wear these to a party, weddings, formal occasions or just to work everyday. Pearls are always appropriate no matter what the occasion. The swarovski crystal pearl necklaces are talk of the town. Wear these and watch your girl friends drool over your look, elegance and smartness that you bought these.

Click Here to view our compelete Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Collection.

Buy carefree with our 'No questions asked' returns policy. Just try it and we know you will love it.

89% (11)
All of these designs can do 9K,10K,18,24K gold or 925 silver Gold Plating heavenjewellery@gmail.com Heaven Jewellerys Co., Ltd specializes in jewellery manufacturing design and wholesale. Our main products are 8k-24k gold gem-set jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, pendants brooches
plum necklace
plum necklace
Made of Lumina, a few vintage beads, seed beads, freshwater pearls, and sewn to a felt base. This one was made differently than my past necklaces. The felt base gives it a little more durability and allows for attaching beads. It took several days to sculpt and assemble.

wholesale gold necklace
wholesale gold necklace
Graceful Angel 1.75 carats Oval Shape Sterling Silver Ruby Pendant with 18 inch Silver Necklace Free Shipping
Center Stone: Lab Created Ruby, Oval Shape with Checkerboard Top, 8 x 6 mm, 1.75 carats, Pigeon Blood Red Hue with Brilliant Sparkle. Side Stones: 3 pieces Super Sparkling Machine Cut White Cubic Zirconia. Pendant: 1.70 grams, Pure Sterling Silver with .925 stamp, Pendant features exceptional Design, Craftsmanship and Rhodium finishing. Perfect gift for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Graduation, Christmas or just about any other occasion. Money Back Guarantee. Includes a 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain, Signature Gift Box & Free SHIPPING, style SP9170

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