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Gold Satin Wedding Shoes

gold satin wedding shoes
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gold satin wedding shoes - Annie Shoes
Annie Shoes Women's Aliza Slingback,Pewter Satin,7 WW US
Annie Shoes Women's Aliza Slingback,Pewter Satin,7 WW US
14733AB-Pewter Satin-7-WW Color: Pewter Satin, Size: 7, Width: WW Available in Multiple Colors! Aliza Sandal by Annie Shoes Features: -Women's Aliza Sandal in Gold Satin. -Part of the Aliza collection. -Manmade upper. -1.5'' heel. -Available in multiple widths. -Available in your choice of:. -Gold Satin (14733AB-Gold Satin). -Pewter Satin (14733AB-Pewter Satin). -Silver Satin (14733AB-Silver satin). Need help finding or measuring the right size for you? Need to convert your size between country standards? Click here to see our Size Guide!

77% (6)
Real Royal peacock shoes green
Real Royal peacock shoes green
I hand painted my gorgeous peacocks on this Green Satin Princess Pumps.perfect for a wedding,bridesmaid or that special event.They are stunning for a night out and to stand out of the crowds! Vintage Dyeables satin pumps. These heels are a lusterous yet sultry accent for your night on the town. Size 8.Brand New ,never worn DYEABLES.Gold inside Green Satin Princess Pumps - Made in USA Acquired as dead stock from a shoe store that closed shop, these pumps were manufactured by Jeanine, a company that specialized in Dyeable pumps for special occasions and stage. They have been beautifully dyed in a stunning shade of rare green. Nicely gold cushioned innersole. 2.5" heel. If you like to have them in your size or another color please contact me prior purchase since they are Vintage and one of a kind.I might be able to find something similar. This pumps are made on satin and they need to be made of fabric so I can display my thechnique Water proof fabric paint.
Wedding Shoes Red Carpet Sexy Heels Rhinestones,crystals and painted flowers
Wedding Shoes Red Carpet Sexy Heels Rhinestones,crystals and painted flowers
f you are planning to illuminate the night,these sandals will play the trick.Gorgeous and sexy heels,hand painted with shiny blue vines and pale light blue star shaped tiny flowers. Smooth faux leather upper in a platform dress sandal style with a round open toe. Dual asymmetrical Swarovski Austrian crystal vamp straps create show-stopping detail. Heel sling strap and ankle strap with an adjustable buckle,both painted with blue vines. Faux leather lining and suede topped footbed, 3/4 inch lucite midsole and 3 1/8 inch lucite heel.

gold satin wedding shoes
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