Gold Calculator

gold calculator
  • Something used for making mathematical calculations, in particular a small electronic device with a keyboard and a visual display
  • an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)
  • a small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
  • A calculator is a small (often pocket-sized), usually inexpensive electronic device used to perform the basic operations of arithmetic. Modern calculators are more portable than most computers, though most PDAs are comparable in size to handheld calculators.
  • coins made of gold
  • A deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color
  • An alloy of this
  • amber: a deep yellow color; "an amber light illuminated the room"; "he admired the gold of her hair"
  • made from or covered with gold; "gold coins"; "the gold dome of the Capitol"; "the golden calf"; "gilded icons"
  • A yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies
gold calculator - HP 12C
HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator
HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator
HP 12c Platinum is a faster, enhanced version of the industry-leading 12c calculator designed for the financial professional who demands more. Enjoy both RPN and Algebraic modes of entry, keystroke programming with four times more memory for up to 400 steps and more-than 130 built-in functions. There are now advanced editing features like the new "Undo" and "Backspace" buttons. Plus six times faster speeds for calculating TVM, loan payments, interest rates, standard deviation and more. Work more efficiently with memory for up to 80 cash flows. Ideal for real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business work. The easy-to-use layout and stylish look with metal back plate suitable for engraving make it a welcome addition to any desktop or a great gift idea. Permitted for use on the CFP and CFA Certification Exams, and GARP FRM Exam. You also get the reassurance of award-winning HP support available to you 24-hours a day, as well as an enhanced website with tutorials, educational resources and downloads.

The HP 12C Platinum Edition is a fast and powerful calculator designed for educators, businessmen, or anyone who needs a reliable tool to handle mathematical and/or financial calculations. With a 400 step memory capacity, the 12C can handle even the most complex computations. For 25 years, the 12C has proven its reputation as the ultimate pocket-size calculator for financial use. The HP 12C Platinum is a faster, enhanced version of the industry-leading 12C, and is designed for the financial professional who demands more options. Its long battery life and small size make it easy to take with you anywhere, and its elegant black and silver design, and engravable metal plate on the back give it a modern, stylish appearance. The 12C Platinum is a powerful tool capable of handling the most complex and detailed analysis and problem solving. With over 130 built-in functions for business, finance, mathematics and statistics including date calculations, this calculator offers fast and reliable programming, finance, and statistical analysis options. With the 12C, you'll enjoy the flexibility of both RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) and algebraic modes of entry, the speed of its processor, and the increased memory capacity.
Precision Business and Finance Features
Ideal for real estate, finance, accounting, economics and business work, this calculator also helps you perform several key functions that allow you to make financial predictions, balance your budget, or calculate percentages of appreciation or depreciation for mortgages, loans, and savings accounts. Advanced editing features like the new "Undo" and "Backspace" buttons ensure precise calculations, while six times faster speeds for calculating TVM, loan payments, and interest rates help you gather and analyze important data in minutes. You can also pinpoint trends by performing cumulative statistical analysis, standard deviation, mean, weighted mean, and linear regression.
Memory For Up to 30 Cash Flows
The 12C offers several modes and an easy-to-use layout for a wide range of practical applications. For example, perform TVM (Time Value of Money) functions like calculating mortgage/loan payments. Or perform NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) computations to help determine whether or not to undertake a particular investment project. With memory for up to 30 cash flows, it's a snap to manage a series of complex projects. For additional convenience, the 12C is also permitted for use on the CFP and CFA Certification Exams, and the GARP FRM Exam.
What's in the Box
12C financial calculator, battery, and user's manual.

80% (15)
We Buy Gold * Silver
We Buy Gold * Silver
Dagupan City Philippines *they are found just outside our shop, little glass "booths" with "we buy gold, silver" written on it. it probably works like a pawnshop, except it's a done-deal and probably with no receipt. they buy almost everything: watches, cellphones, jewelries, calculators (yes, because i remember a friend pawning her scientific calculator just to have money to go clubbing), and anything that's worth buying. *i dunno if they make money. but there are days that i see these ladies being pampered with manicure and pedicure right on the street. *and there are days that they just laugh like witches and gossip loudly like they own the sidewalk.
06.25.2011: Drove all the way to Riverside,CA for the Saddest Landscape, Calculator, 10K Leagues, TWBM show at Division 9. This was such an awesome show considering it was an art gallery. Finally got to see TSL and Calculator. Much thanks to Carlos of Re:Press for the warm welcome, the awesome show and for taking me to watch the Gold Cup final. VAMOS!

gold calculator
gold calculator
Casio Men's DBC32-1A Databank Watch
Casio's Databank Watch #DBC32-1A is the epitome of geek chic. Boasting the precision and reliability of quartz movement, this high-performance timepiece features a 25-page databank, 13 languages, an auto LED light with afterglow, and dual time option. There's also a 1/00-second stopwatch, eight-digit calculator, and four multi-function alarms (plus one with snooze) to keep your day, finances, or workout on-track. A mineral crystal protects against scratches, while a stainless steel caseback provides durability. Water resistant to 165 feet, this Casio original also offers an auto calendar to help you stay organized.

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