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T Mobile Watch Phone

t mobile watch phone
    watch phone
  • A watch phone is a wrist watch that doubles as a mobile phone. The world’s first watch phone was a Samsung SPH-WP10 in 1999. The newer watch phones are made by LG, Samsung, Swap, and Phenom. The newest models support mp3, mp4, touch screen, and websurfing with 3G.
    t mobile
  • One of the four major U.S. carriers. Had the very first Android phone, the G1.
  • T-Mobile is a German mobile telephone provider, owned by Deutsche Telekom. It operates several GSM networks in Europe and the United States. T-Mobile also has financial stakes in mobile operators in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • In the United States, T-Mobile is a cellular telecommunications provider. It is wholly owned by Deutsche Telekom, itself based in Bonn, Germany, as part of its T-Mobile division. It was formed from 4 U.S.

Madonna & Child Watching
Madonna & Child Watching
With Mobile phone. I'm certain he is holding a mobile phone! A very modern illustration on a little roadside obelisk on Canna. After two days of contemplation, reading, writing and worrying about the anchor, the mast, the hatch, everything. In a storm you just worry. Mostly it's all you can do. You watch the land and hope it doesn't get closer because if it does it means the anchor is dragging. But you want to be on that land too. To explore, to meet the buildings watched through binoculars. But the waves are too much. The Coastguard comes by on the radio. Rockall Malin Hebrides Bailey Clockwise around Britain from Norway's Viking. Storm force 9. Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough. Rain or squally showers. Moderate or good. Check the chain, the dingy lashed on the foredeck. Listening. Problems come first as sounds. Something new, different, odd. Have a whisky. The sun's over the yardarm now. Watch the shore. A church. Big, ostentatious, derelict. Another church. Tiny and plain and seemingly loved, nestling in sheltering trees. Other buildings, houses? Hide in folds of Canna. A tiny white obelisk. Round topped stands at an isthmus. Watching me with glints of blue.
T-Mobile US "4G" marketing
T-Mobile US "4G" marketing
"Buh-bye buffering. Watch without waiting. America's largest 4G network." T-Mobile US marketing its HSPA+ network as a 4G network in a T-Mobile store in Boston. The phone is the G2, which is based on the HTC Desire Z, but without the HTC Sense software layer. Note the use of the Android logo on the bottom.

t mobile watch phone
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