Womens Watch With Diamonds

womens watch with diamonds
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How long has it been since I wore pants? Normally I wear only jeans by Nyte & Day, because of the detail mostly, but I found these nice jeans in Mischief. They fed on my love of little trinkets with jeans. I'd read on a blog about using Onrez to search for clothing, then going inworld to buy the item. Yes, I'm well aware you can buy the item on the website, but seeing the product "in the pixel" is nice. I'm recycling the hat from my last fashion pic because it fit the casual look I was aiming for ( and I absolutely love it anyway :P) I'm also wearing a lot more prim attachments lately. I'm one who is always watching my personal prim count, but recently, I've been loosening up. The bracelets are from Dark Artistry, a shop specializing in fantasy wear, hair, and accessories. They are color changing, down to the gems and various metals, which is more than versatile for someone who enjoys multi function items. ~*Clothes*~ Top: Dahlia Wrap Top w/ Undertank by Mischief Pants: Lucky Charms Jeans by Mischief ~*Body*~ Eyes : *CS* Eyes - Deep Series Brown by Celestial Studios Skin: Alina Vintage Ebony - Dangerous Eyelashes 2 by Naughty Hair: Cheyenne (black) by Deviant Kitties ~*Accessories & Add-ons*~ Shoes: Boho Sandals (black) by Shiny Things Bag: Compass Bag( reddish) by Shiny Things Hat: Black Mobstress Hat Black by Kyoot Army Tuesday necklace (tan) by Shiny Things Scheherazade bracelets by Dark Artistry Glasses : Modern Eyeglasses by Second Eyes Plenty Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty FoxyFlex Tail v1.0( modded and tinted black) by BeatWorks Legacy Diamond Womens Wedding Ring by JCNY >(O.o)< Kitty Ears( modified to have my own piercings and tinted black)
Ladies Rolex White Pearl Rubies Diamonds
Ladies Rolex White Pearl Rubies Diamonds
This ladies Rolex watch is complete with beautiful rubies and stunning diamonds. A ruby mother of pearl dial finishes this gorgeous timepiece.

womens watch with diamonds
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