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Where Can I Watch Old Movies Online

where can i watch old movies online
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  • The Movies is a business simulation game created by Lionhead Studios for Microsoft Windows and subsequently ported to Mac OS X by Feral Interactive. It was released on November 8, 2005 in North America, and November 11, 2005 in Europe after reaching gold status on October 8, 2005.
    can i
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Dude, I have never wanted a blog so badly in my life. But, I don’t have one. So… this will have to do. Here we go --- So… okay, there were moments of good, bad… and ugly. Where to start. I’ll start with the bad and ugly and finish up with the good. Cause, actually, that’s really the way it went anyhow. To be honest, there were indeed plenty of moments that can only be described as laughable… and like inappropriately funny. At times, especially toward the beginning of the movie, I felt like I do when I’m reading online parodies of the book. I was enjoying what I was watching, but b/c it seemed to be poking fun at a story that I take way too seriously (and know I take way too seriously). SO, in no particular order, the bad -- -The classroom… when Edward smells Bella for the first time. Cringe worthy… for me at least. Way too over the top. I mean, I guess it IS written with him basically holding his nose… But… How a director could’t tell that there was a problem with that scene…….. I have no f*cking clue. The laugher starts here… and, if you lose people here… well, that’s a problem. -The random flashbacks… Also way too over the top. Like… when Jacob is telling the story of the wolves/vampires -- we see real wolves running around and get a blurry image of the Cullens in early 20th century garb lurking in the woods. Funny… and………. it shouldn’t be! rp in some sort of riding pants... just... yeah, not okay. Carlisle turning Edward… His face… omfg. Just… yeah, snip that out too. Bella’s vision of Edward biting her while she’s doing her web research… All just far too hokey. -And, unfortunately, the meadow falls into the bad. One of the big laughter areas is when he’s telling her how dangerous he is…. It’s just really really cheesy. It needed to be reeled way the hell in. And, the sparkle is all f*cked up too. When they first enter the meadow and he’s SUPPOSED to be all sparkly, he’s really NOT. I mean, there’s BARELY a sparkle. My friend who hasn’t read the books had NO idea what she was supposed to be seeing. But, then, a few seconds later, when they’re lying in the grass, there’s almost TOO MUCH sparkle. Once again, how is it that little old untrained me can tell this… but, a director can’t? -Edward sucking the venom out of bella's wrist… rp’s face… too MUCH! Totally laugh inducing. i mean, i guess they thought they were doing right by portraying the bloodlust and all... but... just... no... not good. -This last one isn’t a full on bad… But, I’m putting it with the bad anyway. RP’s accent took me a bit of getting used to. And, that has nothing with him not being American really… I just wasn’t mentally prepared for Edward to remind me a little bit of … I don’t know… Christian Slater trying to be Jack Nicholson. It didn’t bother me consistently… just at times. he shouldn't really be all rebel without a cause... but you totally get that. what you don't really get is him being “from another time” like you do in the book. But, whatever, the face more than makes up for anything that might be wrong with the voice. -Oh, and I wanted to slap that kid playing Eric right out of the goddamn film. Has there ever been anyone more annoying in any movie ever made? I don’t think so. So……. The good. There really were good moments. -The bedroom scene was good -The fight scene was good -The baseball scene was really good -The last few minutes were my favorite in the whole movie And, the other good was that it really didn’t feel too fast or forced like I expected it would… The fact that they altered the story and crammed 500 pages into under 2 hours or so wasn’t nearly as much of a problem as the sheer cheesiness of some moments. And, I don’t believe that it had to be cheesy just by its very nature. I think most professional critics do/will feel that way… but, if it were just toned down a little bit… Anyway, I should have been in the editing room… but, they never asked for my opinion. Random other things I loved… Jasper’s faces… p r i c e l e s s at all times – really wasn’t expecting to have anything good to say about him. Anna Kendrick was actually super funny as Jessica. I was curious about her b/c I’d seen her on stage as a child… and then being really hilarious in the movie CAMP a few years back… (ladies who lunch from company... anyone remember that? i can't be the only one... well, yeah, maybe i can..!) Definitely felt she stood out in a role that’s pretty craptastic to start with. And, shockingly enough, TL as Jacob is actually less girly when he’s in girl’s hair. How did *that* happen? Seriously, I expected to horrified by his presence… and, not just b/c of the character... b/c the actor hasn’t been even remotely appealing/attractive to me in any of the press i've seen. But, he actually did a fine job. He wan’t overly effeminate in any way… And, if he hits puberty some time soon, he could actually be fine in the other movies… should they be made. So, I
Day 344/365 - The Little Red Car
Day 344/365 - The Little Red Car
[4:10pm] I think that I'm regressing a little in my tastes in music. I generally stick to movies that are age appropriate to me and higher, but today I took a few hours out of my life to watch the old Disney movie "Cat's Don't Dance". I won't lie to you I really like that movie, but the music in that movie is awesome. Especially the main theme "Our Time Has Come" By James Ingram which I could listen too over and over again for hours and hours, which is convenient because I've run the play counter on the song up to over 10 plays in one sitting. That means I've been sitting, listening to this song for 30 minutes straight. But hey, I enjoy music and I think that Noah would agree that at least it's better than Tom Waits. He really hates Tom Waits for some reason, but I can't get enough of his music, he's like Bob Dylan if he grew up in LA and wasn't such a prick. Nothing against Bob Dylan though because he's one of my favorite artists. I'm coming to the conclusion that I like musicians who can't sing. It’s a little scary. But who really cares what kind of music I like? I'm the only one listening to it and with the exception of my mother I don't force anyone to say they like it. Ok that sounded a little bad, I don't force her to say anything positive about what music I listen too, in fact, if she doesn’t like something, she's generally very vocal about it. Another song that I've been listening too for way too long is "Some Flowers Bloom Dead" by the Wallflowers. I've never made the connection between Bob Dylan and Jakob Dylan, he almost never sounds like his father unless he's intentionally trying to do the "I'm stoned out of my mind but I'm still performing because I don't give a fuck what you think" voice and from what I've heard he only does that in Sleepwalker. Jakobs voice is much too raw to be compared to his father, while his father's voice was pretty out there; it still seems soft at times. What I think I'm trying to say is that Jacob has much more power behind his voice than his father, who at times seemed to be straining just to get the volume needed to finish the song. I like them both equally, depending on my mood. I think right now, while I'm mildly depressed about meaningless situations and a little pissed off at some people, The Wallflowers fit the bill more than the often mindless but poetic ramblings of his father. But, that being said today was a long first day back from the four day weekend. I think that the extra day between getting back from the trip and going back to the school was a life saver for a lot of people who'd rather not have their exploits on the trip be revealed to the masses. But it’s almost pointless to try and keep that kind of thing a secret because eventually everything gets out. It may not be today, maybe not tomorrow but it will get out, there will be repercussions but people will get over them. The longer something stays secret; the magnitude of the response when the information is finally revealed is either lessened greatly or magnified several times. I this case, after a few weeks I don't think anybody will really care. Or maybe not, maybe everyone will completely freak out and I'll be able to watch the battle from my comfortable press box out of harms way because I had nothing to do with it all. It's a great feeling, not caring at all. Especially on trivial matters like making friends in high school. At the maximum you have to spend 36 months with these people and then chances are you'll never see them again in your life. So why bother? My take on it all is that if somebody tries to make fun of you for something that's not true, then it’s completely inconsequential, and if somebody says something about you that's actually true, then you know that it's true and you can't do anything about it. This theory of course looks great on paper but when put into practice you have to take into account so many variables that it never works out and its best to just accept the fact that you're screwed in high school and that things will (hopefully) get better in college and beyond. But I'm not in college so I have no idea. I'm just hoping that maybe I'll be able to escape sad place that I'm in right now and maybe have a few friends that wouldn't knife you in the back at the first opportunity. (Yes that was metaphorical... Or maybe it wasn't.) I cannot of course explain the circumstances behind that comment as it would present a bit of an issue to those involved. But who cares at this point. I'm still not telling you though. On a less depressing note, Cullipher left today. Friday was her last day so we had Florence as our substitute; I'll keep my opinions of her to myself though for fear of repercussions. I'm not exactly afraid of Ethan though, maybe a little wierded out, but that's another story entirely. We just did, as she put it, mindless busy work with a point, in class today nothing more. She's only going to be he

where can i watch old movies online
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