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Watch Wolverine And The X Men Episodes Online

watch wolverine and the x men episodes online
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watch wolverine and the x men episodes online - X-Men: Volume
X-Men: Volume One (Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection)
X-Men: Volume One (Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection)
In a world that hates and fears them, several mutants (humans who are born with unique powers and abilities) have banded together to fight the hatred, and eventually fight for their very lives. Under the tutelage of Professor Xavier, the most powerful telepath on the planet, they learn to master their powers. Cyclops, the team leader, can shoot laser beams from his eyes. The rebellious and feral Wolverine can heal himself and has metal claws. Jean Grey is a telekinetic and telepath. Rogue has super-strength and the ability to fly, but can never touch another human being. The eloquent Storm can control the weather. The Cajun thief Gambit can charge any object with kinetic energy... making the smallest objects powerful bombs. The Beast has superhuman intelligence, agility, and has a body covered with blue fur. Jubilee is the new girl, a confused teenager with the ability to shoot plasma from her fingertips. Together they form the X-Men, fighting mutants like Magneto and Mystique, as well as stopping hate-mongers like Graydon Creed, Henry Guyrich, and Senator Kelley.

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We had SO many people asking if Anders was Wolverine. It was HILARIOUS! =D Too bad he ruined it in the mosh pits..
Wolverine " Wolverine Hide " Lieksa East Finland Russian border June 2008

watch wolverine and the x men episodes online
watch wolverine and the x men episodes online
X-Men - The Legend of Wolverine
The most popular Super Hero team in history is ready for action in a spectacular series of thrilling animated adventures. When a familiar face from Wolverine's former life resurfaces, he must wage a war he never intended. Ultimately, the X-Men must join forces with Magneto in a fight to save all mutants from annihilation. Discover the truth of Wolverine's secret past and watch his decisive battle as he is forced to make a choice that will forever affect the fate of the X-Men.

This animated anthology focuses on Wolverine's mysterious past and his heroic efforts at heavy-duty anger management. "Out of the Past," parts 1 and 2, find Professor Xavier's most challenging team member (real name: Logan) lured into a trap by former lover Lady Deathstryke, who seeks nasty revenge for the unintended destruction of her scientist father. Emotions run high and Logan's bad luck seems endless, but he is not without fellow-mutant friends here. (These episodes tell us one version of how Wolverine's body gained its interior metal frame.) "Nightcrawler" is an interesting variation on Frankenstein, in which Wolverine and X-Men newcomer/cleric Nightcrawler are attacked by a mob of paranoid villagers. "The Lotus and the Steel" finds Logan seeking inner peace at a Buddhist monastery in Japan, only to find himself in a Seven Samurai-derived plot. Included on the DVD are good special features, including a Stan Lee interview and bonus episode "The Final Decision." --Tom Keogh

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