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heart beat monitor watch
    heart beat
  • The pulsation of the heart
  • Heart Beat is the 13th album of American Taiwanese R&B artist and composer, Leehom Wang. The album was released on December 26 2008.
  • A single pulsation of the heart
  • Heart Beat is a 1980 film written and directed by John Byrum, based on the autobiography by Carolyn Cassady. The film is about seminal figures in the Beat Generation. The character of Ira, played by Ray Sharkey, is based on Allen Ginsberg.
  • A person or thing providing or representing an animating or vital unifying force
  • Heartbeat (sometimes Heart Beat) was a Japanese video game developer, famous for developing the sixth and seventh installments of the Dragon Quest series. Heartbeat also developed a remake of Dragon Quest IV.
  • A person operating such an instrument or device
  • proctor: someone who supervises (an examination)
  • A person who observes a process or activity to check that it is carried out fairly or correctly, esp. in an official capacity
  • admonisher: someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided
  • An instrument or device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of a process or quantity
  • keep tabs on; keep an eye on; keep under surveillance; "we are monitoring the air quality"; "the police monitor the suspect's moves"
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • a small portable timepiece
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • Secretly follow or spy on
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"

After Titanic Despues de Titanic Halifax and the Titanic Disaster Halifax y el desastre del Titanic T he fatal maiden voyage of the Titanic and the subsequent loss of 1,522 lives is well-known throughout the world and requires no repeating here. E l primer viaje fatal del Titanic y la consiguiente perdida de 1.522 vidas es bien conocido en todo el mundo y no requiere repetir aqui. What is not as well known, however, is the key role which Halifax, Nova Scotia, played in the drama. Lo que no es tan conocido, sin embargo, es el papel clave que Halifax, Nueva Escocia, que se reproduce en el drama. News of the sinking of the Titanic was very slow in reaching the mainland. Noticias del hundimiento del Titanic fue muy lento en llegar a la parte continental. In fact, a 'wireless' signal monitored in Cape Race, Newfoundland the following morning related that the Titanic had, indeed, struck an iceburg, but all passengers were safe and the Liner was currently under tow and en route to Halifax. De hecho, un 'wireless' senal de control en Cabo Race, Terranova, la manana siguiente, relato que el Titanic se habia, de hecho, choco contra un Iceberg, pero todos los pasajeros estaban a salvo y la camisa en la actualidad a remolque y en el camino a Halifax. White Star officials had quickly chartered a train to meet the passengers in Halifax and to transport them by rail to their original destination: New York City. White Star habia funcionarios rapidamente fletado un tren para cumplir con los pasajeros en Halifax y al transporte por ferrocarril a su destino original: New York City. A steam ship, the Lady Laurier , was also hired to join in the effort to bring them safely to port. Un barco de vapor, el Laurier Lady, tambien fue contratado para participar en el esfuerzo para llevarlos a buen puerto. The Wall Street Journal reported: "The gravity of the damage to the Titanic is apparent, but the important point is that she did not sink. She kept afloat after an experience which might well appall the stoutest heart." El Wall Street Journal: "La gravedad de los danos sufridos por el Titanic es evidente, pero lo importante es que ella no se hundio. Se mantienen a flote despues de una experiencia que bien podria espantar los mas fuertes del corazon." Five hours later, the world learned the truth: the Titanic had, indeed, sunk, becoming the worst disaster in maritime history. Cinco horas mas tarde, el mundo supo la verdad: que el Titanic habia, de hecho, a fondo perdido, convirtiendose en el peor desastre en la historia maritima. As the Cunard steamer Carpathia sailed toward New York with 705 survivers aboard, White Star made arrangements with the cable ship MacKay-Bennett , lying idle in port at Halifax, to sail to the icy waters off the Grand Banks to recover the bodies of the Titanic victims. Como el vapor de Cunard Carpathia navego hacia Nueva York con 705 supervivientes a bordo, la White Star hecho arreglos con el buque de cable MacKay-Bennett, ociosos en el puerto de Halifax, para navegar en las aguas heladas de los grandes bancos para recuperar los cadaveres del Titanic las victimas. Captain FH Lardner, of the MacKay-Bennett , set sail shortly after noon on Wednesday, April 17. Capitan FH Lardner, del MacKay-Bennett, partio poco despues del mediodia del miercoles, 17 de abril. Also aboard were: Canon Kenneth Hinds of Halifax's All Saints Cathedral; a local undertaker named John Snow; and large a supply of pine coffins and crushed ice. Tambien iban a bordo: Canon Kenneth Hinds de todas Halifax Catedral de los Santos, un empresario de pompas funebres local llamado John Snow, y grandes entregas de pino ataudes y hielo picado. At daybreak of Sunday, April 21, boats were lowered into the water and the first of 51 bodies was recovered. Al amanecer del domingo, 21 de abril, los barcos se sumerge en el agua y el primero de los 51 cadaveres fue recuperado. That night, 24 unidentifiable bodies were returned to the sea. Esa noche, 24 cadaveres no identificados fueron devueltos al mar. The following day, the body of John Jacob Astor was recovered and identifed by the large diamond and platinum ring he wore and the $4,000 cash still in his pocket. Al dia siguiente, el cuerpo de John Jacob Astor se recupero e identifico a por el gran diamante y platino anillo que llevaba el dinero en efectivo y 4.000 dolares aun en el bolsillo. Another 87 bodies were recovered on April 25, after which the MacKay-Bennett was joined by a second cable ship, the Minia . Otros 87 cadaveres fueron recuperados el 25 de abril, despues de que el MacKay-Bennett fue acompanado por un buque de segundo cable, el Minia. On Friday the 26th, the MacKay-Bennett recovered 14 more bodies before returning to Halifax, leaving the Minia to continue the search alone. El viernes dia 26, el Mackay-Bennett recupero 14 cuerpos mas, antes de regresar a Halifax, dejando a la Minia para continuar la busqueda solo. In total, the MacKay-Bennett had
Sadie's Trouble
Sadie's Trouble
Twelve hours after surgery. Yesterday afternoon Sadie got kicked by a cow moose that was protecting her calf. Sadie's chest was cut open, at least two ribs are cracked, there's lots of internal bruising, and a hole was torn in her lung. Several very fortunate things happened which allowed us to save her life. (some of the story is below, and a couple of more pics in comments) I had been working most of the morning and afternoon felling trees in the dog yard. At a moment when fortunately I did not have the chainsaw running I heard a crying and a very distressful call from up the hill. I didn't know whose voice it was, but it was clearly trouble. I ran up the hill and quickly discovered Sadie in the tall grass off the trail and covered in blood. I panicked for a split second, then gathered her in my arms and ran to the car. At that time I had no idea of the extent of her wounds, I did not take time to do any assessment, as I knew it was beyond my capability. I could hear the air sucking through her chest. The thought crossed my mind that she would die in my arms right then and there. And I remember telling her, “don’t die.” I immediately placed her in the back of the car, and then fumbled for a few things, quickly made sure the other dogs were secure and drove off. As I drove to the clinic two thoughts competed in my mind, she was going to die, and she could not die. I talked to her and sang to her the whole way, she was gasping, wheezing and moaning; but I was encouraged when she lifted her head and opened her eyes. I made all the lights (four of them), and got stuck behind one slow-poke doing 65 mph. At the clinic the vet came to the door eating a sandwich. A good sign since it's an Emergency, weekend, and after hours clinic; this meant they weren't busy. It took about an hour to stabilize her. The vet did not paint a very good picture for Sadie. She wanted me to consider the cost, Sadie’s age and the pain associated with the surgery and recovery. She knew the lung was pierced and suspected the heart and diaphragm might be damaged too. She used the descriptive term “hamburger” a couple of times. Still, I told her to proceed, “do what you can” to save her. I wasn’t being completely “emotional” in my decision. Thirteen isn’t ancient for our huskies, and I know their capacity for healing and will to live is amazing, and I was also encouraged by recent surgery of my friends’ elderly Ruby, also thirteen. I stayed for the entire surgery, which took about 45 minutes from cut to stitch. The vet showed me what was going on with the sucking chest wound, and showed me Sadie’s lungs and her beating heart. There was less hamburger than she thought there might be. Lots of bruising of the lung, but her heart looked good. It was amazing to watch it beat in her chest! Apparently her diaphragm was also good. As the surgery progressed Sadie steadily improved, her heart rate, and BP, her temperature and breathing. I felt good about her strength and the words of the caregivers amongst themselves were encouraging. I was very quiet, no questions, hands in pockets – not wanting to distract. These pics were taken this morning, before I transferred her to another clinic for continued observation and care. She has a chest tube (picture below) to which a giant syringe is attached to draw off fluid and air from the chest cavity. At 10:30 am there was 35cc, at 1:30, 20cc. I just spoke with the second vet and she took Sadie off the morphine, but she’s certainly on other pain meds. The vet said I can bring her home, where I will continue to monitor her and draw off the fluids and make her comfortable. It’s good so far, especially considering how bad it could have been. So please keep us in your thoughts. She’s the sweetest thing and we love her so much. August 30 morning update:Sadie made it through the night with no problems. She slept all night on the dog bed in the office, I woke once and checked on her and she didn't wake. I emptied her chest drain this morning and there was only 2cc of fluid, after 7 hours. That means her bandage will probably come off today. We'll get some x-rays, and hopefully take out the chest tube. She hasn't eaten, but is taking the liverwurst I use to wrap her pills. She hasn't made a sound, or a whimper, but I know she's hurting.

heart beat monitor watch
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