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Cook Pork Spare Ribs

cook pork spare ribs
    spare ribs
  • Spare ribs (also called spareribs) are a variety of pork ribs and beef ribs, cooked and eaten in various cuisines around the world. They are the most inexpensive cut of pork and beef ribs.
  • (Spare rib) Spare Rib was a second-wave feminist magazine in the United Kingdom that emerged out of the counter culture of the late 1960s as a consequence of meetings involving, amongst others, Rosie Boycott and Marsha Rowe.
  • A wholesale cut of the pork carcass the includes ribs 4-13 and the sternum.
  • Closely trimmed ribs of pork or sometimes beef
  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached
  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"
  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)
  • someone who cooks food
  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume
  • The flesh of a pig used as food, esp. when uncured
  • meat from a domestic hog or pig
  • pork barrel: a legislative appropriation designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents
  • Pork is the culinary name for meat from the domestic pig (Sus domesticus), which is eaten in many countries.

Pork spare ribs with Kansas City-style rub recipe.
Pork spare ribs with Kansas City-style rub recipe.
KC-style spare ribs. Serves three-four. Five or six pounds of pork spare ribs. Two or three days before serving, rinse ribs and put raw pork ribs into gallon-sized Ziploc bags. Pour in a mixture of half V-8 juice and grape juice (or pineapple juice). Use enough to cover ribs completely. After two days of marinating in refrigerator, remove from bags and place on a plate. With a sharp knife, remove membrane from the bone side of the ribs. Preheat oven to 320. Kinda-Kansas-City-style Rub recipe: Half cup brown sugar. One tablespoon paprika. One tablespoons garlic powder. One tablespoon onion powder. Teaspoon (or more to taste) chili powder. Half teaspoon salt. Half teaspoon pepper. Pinches of ground cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and coriander. Combine seasonings in a Ziploc bag and shake until thoroughly mixed. Coat surface of ribs with rub. Place ribs in baking pan. With oven set at 320 degrees, place pan on top shelf to cook with sheet of tin foil on top. Cook for between 90 and 120 minutes. Keep a close eye on ribs after 75 minutes, moving ribs to different positions every 20 minutes. To check progress, cut into the thickest piece of pork. Ribs are done just as soon as all pink is gone. Do not let ribs overcook. Serve by itself or with a fairly sweet barbecue sauce.
Twice Cooked Pork & Spare Ribs
Twice Cooked Pork & Spare Ribs
Day 11 - Twice Cooked Pork & Cantonese Spare Ribs (East Asia) Nothing much to talk about with this one. Both of these items are commonly available from Chinese-American restaurants in the United States, and they're both a part of actual Chinese cookery. Double Cooked Pork is a classic stir-fried dish from Sichuan. In this case, it's made from roast pork slices that are stir-fried with cabbage and some other veggies. It's one of the world's classic leftover dishes. The ribs are an Americanised example of the barbecue method known as Char Siu. This style of cooking comes crom Guangdong (aka Canton). In China, the meat is usually boneless when cooked in this way. When ribs are served on the bone, they're generally sliced across the bone, like flanken short ribs. The point is, they're fucking delicious.

cook pork spare ribs
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