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Cook County Assessor Tax Bill

cook county assessor tax bill
    county assessor
  • One who sets value of property for taxation purposes.
  • The elected official responsible for the valuation and assessment of property. In some counties, the Assessor also collects the personal property tax.
  • The County Assessor processes appeals of the Township Assessor's determinations; determines those properties that are tax-exempt (i.e., churches and not-for-profit organizations) and; takes filings for and calculates inheritance tax.
    tax bill
  • money owed for taxes
  • The original bill for property taxes that is sent to the property owners’ mailing address in December of each year.
  • A property owner's tax bill is computed by applying the tax rate to the assessed valuation of the property.
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  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
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Gus Kramer
Gus Kramer
Contra Costa Assessor Gus Kramer sent out this letter at taxpayer cost to residents the weekend of Feb. 28, 2010. Kramer is seeking re-election and some critics say he has misused public funds. Letter scanned and uploaded by CCT reporter Lisa Vorderbrueggen
you wanted a convertible, right?
you wanted a convertible, right?
We thought it was highly amusing to see the County Assessor's car literally smashed to pieces. The windshield & rear window were inside the car ... I got out & looked. No blood.

cook county assessor tax bill
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