Chocolate chip cookies recipe for kids. Cooking times stuffed turkey. Light on by david cook.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe For Kids

chocolate chip cookies recipe for kids
    chocolate chip
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  • A small piece of chocolate used in making cookies and other sweet foods
    for kids
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Where It All Started
Where It All Started
Boy, do I have a story for this one! Last month I attempted to make a classic chocolate chip cookie inbetween classes. Everything was going well until I heard a knock on my door-- solicitors. Ugh! It was those people who want you to buy magazines so they can earn points and go on a cruise to Jamaica or whatever. These people drive me nuts! They ask you a bunch of questions with obvious 'yes' answers to try and guilt you into helping them out. "Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Do you believe in creating jobs for people?" etc. So I decided to get back at them with their own game. After telling them I wasn't interested in magazines, they said I could buy children's books that would go directly to sick and dying kids in St. Jude's hospital. I said I was in a hurry and pointed to the brightly colored apron I was adorning, and asked if there was somewhere I could go online and purchase the children's books at a later date. To which they replied, "Well... Yeah, but we wouldn't get the points. Ah-HA! Gotcha. Self-serving jerks. Get off-a my front porch! I didn't actually tell them to get off my porch-- I'm way too nice. Instead I quietly claimed victory in my head and told them I wasn't interested. Anyway, the point of all that was I got so flustered and distracted from this exchange, that when I went back into my kitchen I wound up using twice as much butter than called for. I didn't realize it until I had already baked a batch of cookies, so I couldn't just double the recipe since there was a considerable amount of batter removed. I spent the next day augmenting the recipe, test baking lone cookies, until I finally fixed it. Unfortunately, I never got to find out how the cookies were supposed to look and taste... Maybe someday I'll re-attempt it.
Freshly baked late night craving
Freshly baked late night craving
About an hour ago I got the sudden craving for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I'm not a baker, so I don't have a lot of baking ingredients lying around (no brown sugar or baking powder!)... so what is a guy to do with the stuff that's inside the pantry? Luckily I found this recipe for super easy peanut butter cookies and whipped up a batch to satisfy my gastronomic itch. I chopped up some Baker's semi-sweet and dark chocolate (1 oz. of each) and tossed it into the batter. Milk chocolate chips would have been too sweet. Also I probably would use Kraft peanut butter next time instead of Skippy. Skippy doesn't taste as good (in my opinion). The recipe is so easy, even a guy can do it! :D Using the directions, I made about 16 cookies. Enough for two adults... but certainly not enough for kids. ----- INGREDIENTS * 1 cup peanut butter * 1 cup white sugar * 1 egg DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). 2. Combine ingredients and drop by teaspoonfuls on cookie sheet. Bake for 8 minutes. Let cool. Recipe doesn't make very many, so you could double recipe as you desire.

chocolate chip cookies recipe for kids
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