Frequently Asked Questions About OptiMind

Is there a free trial for Optimind?

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Who in the world does uses nootropics?

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Do nootropics really have any effect on the mind?

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How long does it take for the product to take effect?

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For many of the people who take OptiMind, their focus, mood and energy are better in as little as 45 minutes. There are some who have reported a burst of energy and increase concentration in just a half hour. Long-term benefits begin to occur in the first seven days, but it takes six months for them to reach their peak.

What can I expect from OptiMind?

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This product was created for people who want to boost their energy, enhance their memory and achieve a higher level of focus. Everyone will not have the same results because of differences in brain chemistry, but many users have noted significant improvement in their energy levels and focus since they started taking OptiMind. Research has shown that the key ingredients in this supplement can enhance memory, reduce cognitive issues and offer antioxidant effects. If you are interested in what some consumers have to say about it, you should take a peek at the reviews page. You can find it in the description below.

How many capsules should I take?

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The recommended serving is two capsules. Even so, we suggest starting with one and adding another if there are no ill effects.

You should keep in mind that everyone will not have the same outcome due to differences in neurochemistry. We advise everyone to use different amounts at a different time to see which combination offers you the best results.

How quickly will I receive my order?

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Orders take anywhere from three to five days in most parts of the US. We would ship 2-3 days after an order has been placed unless you paid extra for a speedy delivery. If you are ordering around a holiday, your shipment may take more time to arrive.

How many capsules are in each bottle?

There are 32 capsules in each bottle, which is equivalent to 16 doses. This is based on the recommended dose of two capsules.

Everyone who uses OptiMind does not consume it daily, which is why there are only 32 pills in each bottle. Those who would like to take it daily can feel free to sign up for a subscription, which will save a bit of money. Get in touch with one of our customer service reps if you need more info.

Are there any harmful side effects associated with OptiMind?

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There have been some reports of negative side effects. The formula we use was created to benefit users without setbacks. While most people have a positive experience, there are others who were not satisfied. You will have to try it yourself to see what effect it has on you.

The FDA permits all of the ingredients we use, but some people have allergies and sensitivities that create a negative reaction. Most of the staff at AlternaScript LLC take it daily, and there have been no issues reported. It works great, and it doesn't cause any crashes or jitters like energy pills and coffee.

We do not advise anyone under 18 or carrying a child to use this supplement. Please review the ingredients carefully to avoid any allergic reactions. If you are currently taken medication for a preexisting condition, consult your doctor before trying this supplement.

The Optimind Ingredients That You Should Know

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What relaxes the brain and eliminates stress from your body is GABA, which is an amino acid and a neurotransmitter. The recent discovery made by researchers is that GABA is present inside the pancreas, and its role is to contribute to the production of insulin, which is used to prevent irregularities related to blood sugar. Another benefit of GABA is that it also helps in reducing the effects of caffeine and avoid spikes effect, which most people experience. Furthermore, it is also Optimind in delivering a clean and balanced energy without crashing and jitteriness.


Phosphatidylserine is used in the production of the membrane of the brain cells. Furthermore, they are essential for communication and also for cognitive health. Moreover, you can also improve your memory and attention by consuming phosphatidylserine supplements. By improving your memory and attention, you become better at learning, and you can cover a new topic within a period of two weeks. Furthermore, this element is also considered to be a key factor for combatting stress, maintain cognitive health and increase performance.


Vitamin D is essential for the health for your bones. That is because its primary role is to absorb minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. These minerals aid for overall health, cognition and focus that is why they are important. Another reason as to why this particular vitamin is important is because it also contributes to cell growth, lasting energy and immune functionality. According to various reports made different researchers, this vitamin is correlated with reduced cognitive results or performance and low moods.


Alpha lipoic acid also known as ALA. What it does is that it causes carbohydrates to last longer as energy by breaking it down. Furthermore, recent research that was made revealed that this element is also responsible for increasing energy levels within a period of three days. However, if you use it continuously for a few weeks, it can improve your memory. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that ALA may also prevent the brain cells from getting damaged by toxic waste metals and free radicals such as antioxidant


You might be aware of what caffeine or not, but it is used as the essential ingredient for the production of tea and coffee. Caffeine is used as a stimulant for the central nervous system, and it plays a significant role in eliminating drowsiness and restoring alertness. Caffeine is consumed every day by 90%of adults who are live in North America. It can be taken in the form of tea, soda and coffee. Furthermore, you must also acknowledge the fact that Optimind possesses similar levels caffeine as that found in a cup of coffee.


This is the most popular nootropics, and it is extracted from a plant known as Huperzia Serrata, which is also a Chinese herb. According to research this ingredient can be used to improve memory and performance in learning. Another important role of this element is to protect the brain cells from toxic materials and oxidative stress. Furthermore, according to various studies Huperzia is also believed to increase growth factor of the nerve and acetylcholine levels, which help the brain to adapt to new traits.


This is an important amino acid, which is produced naturally inside the body. Furthermore, it is also used to build hormones, vital neurotransmitters and proteins. Tyrosine is responsible for keeping you alert and also for keeping you motivated for longer. Tyrosine is also used to fight off stress and fatigue. Furthermore, it is also used to prevent burnouts and lift mood and just like GABA it also helps to prevent hypertensive effects caused by caffeine.


This is an amino acid that is known to act as an antioxidant. However, it protects the cells of your body from what is known as oxidative stress. Recent research shows that this element may help in cognitive impairment and also protect the brain from various toxic materials. The benefits of Taurine include cognition endurance and higher performance. Some people also suggest that taurine may act as a guard to prevent depressive symptoms, anxiety and blood sugar issues.


For RNA/DNA synthesis, you need vitamin B-12. It is also necessary for maintaining the functionality of your central nervous system and also for flood formation. This vitamin also contributes to breaking down of carbohydrates to produce more energy. However, this vitamin is usually used to improve one’s memory, enhance mood and increase energy. Furthermore, you can be able to fight off fatigue, vision loss and muscle weakness by making sure that your body has an adequate amount of this vitamin.


This is a B-1 vitamin that is enhanced to cross the barrier found in the blood brain to facilitate easy absorption. The Japanese scientists were the first ones to create sulbutiamine with the purpose of treating the widespread of B-1 deficiency. This deficiency caused dull mental performance and fatigue on it, victims. Sulbutiamine is used to improve memory enhance mood and increase energy. Furthermore, it is also used to prevent brain cell infection, oxygen glucose deprivation and drug-induced amnesia


This is a nootropic that is very powerful, and it is derived from periwinkle. Its main use is to enhance blood flow that circulates in the brain and boosts your energy levels. This substance also contributes to steal effect which is a process of repairing the cells of the brain that are damaged because of lacking oxygen. Vinpocetine also reduces oxidative stress level by fighting and preventing free radicals. Furthermore, it may also improve your memory and enhance cognition at the same time.


Bacopa monnieri is a creeping herb, which grows on muddy shores and wetlands. Furthermore, it is a perennial that has been used for decades in Ayurveda medicine particularly for improving memory, cognitive performance and learning rates. Studies revealed that it also acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from oxidative stress.