Used Commercial Laundry Equipment For Sale. Secret Voice Recording Equipment

Used Commercial Laundry Equipment For Sale

used commercial laundry equipment for sale
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    for sale
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.
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  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.
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365.30 - Laundry Day
365.30 - Laundry Day
Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008 Nothin' says clean laundry like a cat nappin' in it! I got up at the geriatric hour of 5 am this morning after only going to bed at 12:30 am because I had laundry on the brain. It was piling up an just needed to be done. There are three people in my complex that do laundry super early on Sunday so I wanted to beat the rush since I needed all 4 washers. I was a success! Clean laundry at my house is just another name for a pre-warmed kitty bed. I put my clean laundry at the door, went to my bedroom and by the time I got back I found this! I guess you gotta accept that when you have pets and/or kids, your house is never REALLY clean. Now, neither are the guest towels...LOL!
Photo Story: It is laundry day...
Photo Story: It is laundry day...
It seems it is also Fourth of July. My friend and I didn't realize this until he tried to go to work. Sometimes I look very special on laundry day, especially when I haven't done laundry in a long time. I figured since I already looked pretty silly, I should put on this strange head garment I found and humiliate myself by posting this picture here. I think the ear warmer thingy came from a giant Uberraschungsei or something...

used commercial laundry equipment for sale
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