Old Recording Equipment

old recording equipment
    recording equipment
  • recorder: equipment for making records
  • The equipment used to record an interview. It may be in analog or digital format and is either audio or video. The use of broadcast-quality equipment and an external microphone are highly recommended. For a more detailed discussion, see Section 5.
old recording equipment - Modern Recording
Modern Recording Techniques, Sixth Edition
Modern Recording Techniques, Sixth Edition
As the most popular and authoritative guide to recording available, Modern Recording Techniques provides everything you need to master the tools and day-to-day practice of music recording and production. The sixth edition has been expanded to cover the latest digital audio technology and features a new section on surround sound. For those who are just starting out or are looking for their next job in the industry, this edition also provides essential advice on career options and networking.

David Miles Huber's approachable writing style, coupled with over 500 technical diagrams, screen shots and product illustrations, makes this an essential resource which you will want to refer to again and again.

* Learn from the resource that is used by more students, musicians and audio engineers than any other in the industry.
*International bestseller providing tips and techniques for getting the best results from both project and professional recording studios.
* The biggest edition yet - it is packed with new material, including surround sound and digital technology, as well as the latest career advice
* The companion website, www.modrec.com, provides even more resources and information.

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Notes and commentary- I expand my recording capabilities with two Focusrite Isa 428 preamps, Eventide's Orville, Apogee's A/D D/A X16 audio interfaces, Apogee's mini DAC with a pair of AKG K601 headphones, the Hear-Tech Hub with four personal mixers and four AKG K240 headphones, Ebtech line level hum eliminator, APC back-ups 1500, Furman IT-20 regulated power supply, Two Genelec 1037C monitors, two Apple PowerMac G5 quad 2.5 GHZ, networked and loaded up (last version before the mac pro) Apple's Logic Pro, Motu's DP5, Waves Platinum, Apple's Final Cut Studio software, the first generation Euphonix MC PRO applications controller, Parker's Bronze Fly guitar, Roland's Fantom X6 keyboard, Chandler tube driver and Apple's Powerbook G4, and still had most of my older recording equipment ( see the 1998 recording equipment photo from my photo collection). On may 8th 2006 at about 9:30PM, I was awoken by a fireman chopping open the door of my apartment, the apartment was filled with smoke, grabbing my backpack which contained my Powerbook G4, I was able to get out of the building in the nick of time. I was one of fifty or so neighbors to watch the building burn up. The building was pretty much gutted by the fire and water damage. All of my belongings were destroyed. except the powerbook G4 which contained a small sample of over 40 years of my own personally recorded music. A devastating loss. The few recordings I had on the powerbook G4 have been archived and placed in a safety deposit box.
recording session
recording session
improvised recording setup with some mobile equipment in the auditorium of gymnasium hofwil near berne / switzerland: four vocalists (countertenor, tenor, bariton and bass) and a piano have been recorded on five tracks with a pair of schoeps mk2h (room), mk4 (voices) and a microtech gefell um70s (piano). the main recorder was my old power book which worked pretty fine and silent. a pre-mixdown was recorded to my little 2 track field recorder. the monitoring was awful and i was not happy with the balance to the piano.

old recording equipment
old recording equipment
Analog Recording: Using Analog Gear in Today's Home Studios
Today's hottest home-studio trend is the revival of analog recording. Everyone knows that digital is convenient, consistent, and reliable - but if you want the warm, live sound of real music, you need to allow analog back into the mix. The good news is that the equipment you need is still out there - and surprisingly affordable. This book tells you how to find, maintain and use: analog tape machines * analog mixing consoles and monitors * vintage and vintage-style microphones * analog reverberation, echo, compression and limiting. The book also takes you through the process of building a home studio and a live echo chamber. And there are hints and tips from the analog experts: engineers and producers who have worked with everyone from Phil Spector, Sonny & Cher, The Beach Boys and The Beatles through to Nirvana, Maroon 5, Paul Westerberg, and The White Stripes. The package includes an 11-track audio CD that demonstrates what you can achieve when you bring the human sound of analog into your digital home studio.

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