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medical packaging equipment
    packaging equipment
  • Packaging equipment, packaging supplies and machinery. Tripack is a packaging company providing packaging, machinery, supplies and equipment UK-wide.
  • Of or relating to conditions requiring medical but not surgical treatment
  • requiring or amenable to treatment by medicine especially as opposed to surgery; "medical treatment"; "pneumonia is a medical disease"
  • relating to the study or practice of medicine; "the medical profession"; "a medical student"; "medical school"
  • Of or relating to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries
  • checkup: a thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests depending on the age and sex and health of the person
medical packaging equipment - Pharmaceutical Equipment
Pharmaceutical Equipment Validation: The Ultimate Qualification Guidebook
Pharmaceutical Equipment Validation: The Ultimate Qualification Guidebook
Comprehensively covering equipment qualification and process validation for pharmaceutical process equipment, this text shows readers how to demonstrate compliance, what data to use, and how to produce the appropriate documentation. The author delineates how to prepare, test, and complete equipment qualification protocols. He also explains how to perform qualification testing and whether to test the equipment for a worst-case scenario. The thirty-eight completed protocol templates cover specific equipment types, provide instant answers to most protocol writing and testing questions, show how to qualify each piece of equipment, and provide a check for readers' own protocols.

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Dr John Heath, the University of Newcastle, Australia - 1991
Dr John Heath, the University of Newcastle, Australia - 1991
This photo appeared in the Bulletin, November 18, 1991. The text was: "New disease research system A new approach to use of immunocytochemistry in medical research, being developed in the Faculty of Medicine, is expected to lead to a better understanding of the causes of some diseases. Installation of a cryo-ultramicrotomy system worth $161,000 in the laboratory of Dr John Heath, in the Medical Sciences Building, has alleviated a major problem which faces researchers who use immunocytochemistry. The cryo-ultramicrotomy system was paid for by an anonymous donor. The Research Committee of the Faculty of Medicine selected Dr Heath as the recipient of the donation after the committee had considered a number of applications for grants for the research equipment. The cryo-ultramicrotomy system is the only system of its kind in the Hunter Valley and one of few in Australia. The cryo-ultramicrotomy technique enables researchers to overcome a major technical limitation on the effectives of immunocytochemistry when combined with an electron microscope. Dr Heath, a member of the University’s Neuroscience Group, explains that immunocytochemistry permits a specific molecule to be located and visualised at the cellular, or sub cellular, level of microscopy. In essence, the technique requires an antibody to develop against an antigenic site on the molecule. Dr Heath says a “visual label” – a coloured or fluorescent dye or a micro-gold particle – is attached to the antibody, thus blinding the antibody to the antigen and revealing the molecule’s lactation. “Not surprisingly” immunocytochemistry has enabled major advances to be made in our understanding of disease processes and the function and development of cells and tissues,” he says. He mentions as example multiple sclerosis, other demyelinising diseases of the nervous system, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, which affect nerve cells of the brain, muscle disorders, such as muscular dystrophy, disorders affecting the lungs and kidneys and the study of cells and tissues affected by cancer. Dr Health explains that the use of electron microscopy in immunocytochemistry is highly desirable, because, through the high magnification and resolution achieved by the technique, the location of the molecule can be pin-pointed accurately at the sub-cellular level. “Thus, it can be determined whether the molecule is present in one, or both, of two closely adjacent cells, or two closely opposed, buy functionally distinct, membrane systems. “The synthesis and processing of the molecule within the cell can be followed and the nature and location organelles involved in storage and secretion can be determined. “By using markers of different sizes, the interrelationship of different specific molecules can be follower in developing and mature cells and the response of these cells to disease can be monitored directly.” Dr Heath points out that the technical limitation on immunoytochemistry at the electron microscopy level stems from the need to expose the tissue to more reactive aldehydes, especially glutaraldehy, in order to preserve it. As a result, he says, the natural antigenicity of the tissue is reduced, and often completely lost. Thus, antigen-antibody blinding is reduced, resulting is misleading reduction, or absence of localisation, in the tissue. For this reason, the interpretations of many previous studies have remained controversial, or, at least incomplete. By contrast, Dr Heath says, cryo-ultramicrotomy preserves the tissue structure by snap-freezing it in liquid nitrogen. The antigenicity of the tissue is protected and the sensitivity of the crucial antigen-antibody reaction is increased, thereby, strengthening the quality and interrelationship of experimental results. The immunocytochemical procedure is undertaken directly onto the thin sections of tissue (70 nanometres thick – one millimetre equals one million nanometres) that are generated by the cryo-ultramicrotome, which operates at a temperature of approximately minus 100 degrees C. “The sections of tissue are examined directly by transmissions electron microscopy, using minute particles of gold – as little as one nanometre in diameter – as the visual marker of the site antigen-antibody reaction.” He says the equipment package includes a cryo-preparation unit, which ensures that the rate of freezing of the tissue is optimal. This is important, so that the formation of ice crystals can minimised thus improving the quality of the thin sections of tissue, as well as the ultrastructural integrity of the tissue. Dr Heath, referring to the work in progress which uses the cryo-ultramicrotoy system, says included are experimental studies of the interactions of Schwann cells and macrophages during Wallerian degeneration of myelinated peripheral nerve, the post-translational processing of the placental hormone Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone and molecules involved in neuronal maturation. Drs
Hand Truck Safety Rack E350 Ryder cargo van
Hand Truck Safety Rack E350 Ryder cargo van
The HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack is designed for commercial cargo delivery vans.There are 15 excellent reasons to outfit and equip your delivery fleet with an HTS Ultra-Rack! The three most important benefits are safety, route time and fuel savings. The Hand Truck Sentry System is a tested and proven solution that surpasses ancient designs, unsafe methods and costly storage locations. Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment! The HTS Ultra-Rack is safer, faster and easier than any other hand truck retaining method available. HTS Systems designed the HTS using automotive parts and manufactures the safest and most advanced hand truck securing systems in the commercial delivery industry! The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is designed to be the best hand truck locking carrier rack in the world! We guarantee that your route drivers will become very attached to the HTS Ultra-Rack in 2-3 days and their hand trucks in 2-3 seconds! Very Fast! The HTS is an innovative technology product and ergonomic process that allows your route drivers to work smart, not hard; saving you money every business day! In the commercial van market for companies that deliver parcels, documents, paper and janitorial products, food vending and medical supplies there are no ideal methods to safely transport a hand truck, without tossing it into the vehicle. Current methods take-up valuable cargo space and decrease payload storage, damage product and require greater physical effort to stow the hand truck. Parcel drivers constantly handle and shuffle their hand trucks within the van to gain access and to reach their cargo shelves and packages. A standard aluminum commercial hand truck transported inside the delivery van will use up approximately 12' -15' cubic feet of valuable cargo space. When a hand truck is transported inside a delivery van 5 days a week it translates to a payload loss of 240-300 cubic feet per month. Most parcel drivers move their hand truck out of their way continuously, actually handling it more than they use it for customer deliveries! It is dangerous and a DOT safety violation to transport a loose hand truck within the cab or cargo area, all equipment must be secured. The HTS Ultra-Rack is the most advanced hand truck securement system for commercial delivery vehicles in transit. The HTS-20S Swing Mount unit is designed for the rear of most delivery vans. The HTS-20S Swing Mount can solve nearly every issue associated with smaller delivery vans that transport hand trucks, saving our customers time, fuel, cargo space and profits! Maximize your cargo capacity and route productivity, reduce freight damage and prevent floor corrosion. Why purchase the safest and best delivery equipment for your company? Because if it's the safest method, it will quickly pay for itself and because it's the best known product available, then you're not using something that's second rate and an inferior method. Every month large companies will spend millions of dollars marketing their products, advertising and protecting their brand's positioning, identity and reputation. Just one accident resulting in a serious injury or death caused by negligence can damage the reputation and inadvertently change the confidence and opinion of the buyer towards the brand's name. This consumer perception may take years to overcome, even if the company is later found not negligent or liable for a highway accident! Adverse media exposure that focuses on a brand name vehicle can have dire consequences. When we visit with our HTS customers and their route drivers we discovered that most beverage distributors and food service employees are very protective as they proudly express their loyalty and the quality of their company's products and brands. Companies have long known that employee professionalism, attitude and appearance are extremely important to protect the brand's image. Providing new technology or equipment that allows route drivers to accomplish their tasks safer, faster and easier reduces daily stress and dramatically improves a driver's confidence and attitude.

medical packaging equipment
medical packaging equipment
Amzer AMZ83822 Universal 8 inch Gooseneck Car Mount - Mount - Retail Packaging
This convenient mount includes a universal cradle, an 8 inch gooseneck suction cup mount and a 3M adhesive disc that’s perfect for your mobile phone. Slip your device into the universal cradle for a secure fit. The universal cradle features cushioned side grip technology and a push button release. The adjustable side arms expand from 2 in. to 3.25 in. conveniently accommodating most smartphones. The depth of the cradle bed is .75 in. and the length of the cradle bed is 3.25 in. Cushioned and adjustable feet help your device stay put. Attach the cradle to the adjustable suction cup mount and adhere the suction mount to your windshield. An 80 mm 3M adhesive disc is also included for mounting to your dashboard or console. The flexible gooseneck is easy to adjust to the perfect viewing position. It’s as simple as that…..Perfect for your next road trip or your drive around town. Safety first……With Amzer’s 8 inch Gooseneck Mount! Video is not present for this Sku number. 0 total ratings 0% rated 0% rated 0% rated 0% rated 0% rated Own this product? Add your rating now: No written user opinions for this product have been posted yet. Be the first! Start by rating this product using the stars above.

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