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  • means a service establishment that may offer a wide variety of household and business equipment, furniture, and materials for rental. Does not include construction equipment rental, which is separately defined.
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  • Union Station in San Diego, California, also known as the Santa Fe Depot, is a train station built by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway to replace the small Victorian-style structure erected in 1887 for the California Southern Railroad Company.
  • San Diego , named after Saint Didacus (Spanish: Diego de Alcala), is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California, after Los Angeles, with a population of 1,359,132 (Jan 2010) within its administrative limits on a land area of .
  • An industrial city and naval port on the Pacific coast of southern California, just north of the US-Mexico border; pop. 1,223,400. It was founded as a mission in 1769
  • a picturesque city of southern California on San Diego Bay near the Mexican border; site of an important naval base
  • A city in southwestern California, south of Los Angeles; pop. 71,349
  • United States writer of novels and short stories mostly on moral themes (1804-1864)
  • Hawthorne is a book of literary criticism by Henry James published in 1879. The book was an insightful study of James' great predecessor, Nathaniel Hawthorne. James gave extended consideration to each of Hawthorne's novels and a selection of his short stories.
  • Hawthorne/I-105 is a Los Angeles County Metro Rail station on the Green Line. It is located at Hawthorne Boulevard in the median of the Century Freeway in Hawthorne, California. Due to its proximity, the station also serves Inglewood, California and the unincorporated area of Lennox, California.
hawthorne equipment rental san diego - The House
The House of the Seven Gables
The House of the Seven Gables
This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1913 edition by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York. This tale draws on Hawthorne's own family history for inspiration. The author's great-grandfather served as a judge in the Salem witchcraft trials, and his actions there allegedly brought a curse upon the Hawthorne family. The House of Seven Gables centers around a curse as well; here, Wizard Maule curses the Pyncheon family's ancestral home after the first Colonel Pyncheon viciously cheated Maule of his wealth. Cruel Judge Jeffrey Pyncheon (the Colonel's mid-19th c. descendant) is no better than his ancestor, and torments his cousins Hepzibah and Clifford, who live in the House of Seven Gables, to get hold of a missing deed to disputed land. Only the curse, and the young daguerrotypist Holgrave, can thwart the Judge's plans.

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Hawthorne is a neighborhood in the South Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located between Broad Street and 11th Street, and extends from South Street to Washington Avenue.
Hawthorne 2
Hawthorne 2
Hawthorne in Sundara FSM Ruby Port

hawthorne equipment rental san diego
hawthorne equipment rental san diego
HawthoRNe: Season Two
Jada Pinkett Smith stars as Director of Nursing Christina Hawthorne, a passionate advocate for her patients who must balance the demands of being a widowed mother. When cutbacks close Richmond Trinity, Christina and several of her fellow doctors and nurses join the struggling James River Hospital. She defies enormous odds to rescue a heroin-addicted mother, confronts angry protesters to save a death row patient, and takes on the entire review board to keep the hospital open. On the home front, Christina also fights to raise her rapidly maturing daughter, while deciding if Christina herself is ready for a closer relationship with the Chief of Surgery Dr. Wakefield (Michael Vartan, TV’s “Alias”).

Hawthorne's second season begins with a bang when Virginia shuts down Richmond Trinity, and the staff moves to rundown James River Hospital. In the first of five featurettes, hospital administrator-turned-showrunner Glen Mazzara (The Shield) says, "We've really reinvented the show." Chief nursing officer Christina Hawthorne (Jada Pinkett Smith), who lost her husband two years before, can't believe the state of the place, and some of the old employees don't appreciate the new blood, especially Gail (Vanessa Bell Calloway), the nursing director, and Malia (The Talk's Sara Gilbert), a nurse with an attitude problem. In the first episode, Dr. Tom Wakefield (Michael Vartan) also makes a move on Christina, but she says she isn't ready. Then, after they do get together, Tom injures his arm, which leads him to Dr. Erin Jameson (Mad Men's Abigail Spencer), a colleague who proves more supportive.
During these 10 episodes, other characters move forward with their lives: Kelly (Vanessa Lengies) reveals a secret, Candy (Christina Moore) returns from Iraq, and Ray (David Julian Hirsh) finds himself torn between the kind-hearted Candy and the cynical Brenda (Mad About You's Anne Ramsay). Romance also blooms between Bobby (Suleka Mathew) and Dr. Steve Shaw (Adam Rayner) and Camille (Hannah Hodson) and college student Marcus (Collins Pennie).
Much as in the previous year, Christina is usually right, so the suspense comes from her solutions rather than her opinions as she tries to help patients without losing her job, whether the obstacle is an insurance company or an adoption agency. Notable cases involve a condemned man with a terminal illness (The Wire's Robert Wisdom), a bride with an infectious disease (Debi Mazar), and a detective (Marc Anthony) who accuses Christina of aiding a kidnapping--before asking her out. Overall, this is a solid follow-up to the first season. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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