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Construction Equipment Presentation

construction equipment presentation
    construction equipment
  • Construction Equipment is a trade publication and web site serving the information needs of construction contractors, materials producers, and other owners and operators of construction equipment.
  • The proffering or giving of something to someone, esp. as part of a formal ceremony
  • the act of making something publicly available; presenting news or other information by broadcasting or printing it; "he prepared his presentation carefully in advance"
  • the act of presenting a proposal
  • The manner or style in which something is given, offered, or displayed
  • the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward); "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"
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construction equipment presentation - Construction Databook:
Construction Databook: Construction Materials and Equipment
Construction Databook: Construction Materials and Equipment
Up-to-Date Details on Construction Materials and Equipment
A thoroughly revised, all-inclusive compendium, Construction Databook, Second Edition contains hundreds of tables, specifications, charts, and illustrations covering all of the materials and equipment most frequently used at a typical job site. You'll find easy-to-access, practical information on application, selection, dimensions, and installation of all construction components. New details on sustainable materials and energy-saving options are also included. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, this one-stop resource will help you run any construction job more efficiently and economically.
Soils, site utilities, and sitework equipment
The building envelope
Carpentry, framing, drywall, and engineered wood projects
Fireproofing and soundproofing
Interior finishes--millwork, laminates, paint, and wall coverings
Doors and windows
Mechanical systems and equipment
Useful tables, charts, and formulas

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Danville Va., The North Theatre
Danville Va., The North Theatre
629 North Main Street The North Theatre is a restored facility showing classic movies and presenting all types of theatrical productions. The theatre originally opened in February of 1947 as Danville, Virginia's finest movie and vaudeville house. Unfortunately for the owner, Mr. Leonard Lea, TV hit about the time of opening and he never had a vaudeville performance. The theatre remained open until mid 1976. After that time it was an auction house, a number of different churches, and, finally from 1990 to 2003 Carolyn's House of Flowers. In mid 2003 a group was formed who purchased the theatre, a former restaurant next-door, with residence on the second floor, and a third building next to the restaurant, which had been a two story residence. The theatre building was in fairly good shape requiring modernization of power, heat and AC. All theatre items, screen, projectors, sound systems were either gone or of such an early vintage they needed to be replaced. The theatre was completely remodeled, adding two new 35mm projectors, a true digital projector, two sound systems, one surround sound for movies and a second for theatrical productions. The stage, originally 42 feet wide by 18 feet deep was enlarged to 42 feet wide by 38 feet deep. A Hofend Vortex stage rigging system was installed. The Vortex is the very latest and the very best available computer controlled stage-rigging system. Refurbished seats were installed which are wider than the original and additional space was provided between rows for added comfort. We went from 608 seats to 488 seats, 372 on the first floor and 116 in the balcony. The balcony level has a beautiful bar and commons area for pre and post show receptions and other events. To top off the quality of the theatrical presentations we have purchased a Steinway Model D 9 foot Concert Grand Piano. An annual National Piano Competition will be initiated in the fall of 2005. The third floor of the theatre building was and still is a three-bedroom apartment. The apartment will be available to performers while working at the theatre. The lowest level of the theatre building, at ground level, was transformed from a wide open room with no particular intended use, to dressing rooms, showers, makeup rooms, set and costume construction rooms and some equipment storage. There is also a Green Room on the lower level. All of these facilities are arranged for the performers comfort. The restaurant was at the time of purchase a church with the old greasy grill still in place along one wall. It has been completely modernized and a lessee will be opening a full service restaurant in April 2005. The residence above the restaurant has been transformed into a large open art gallery. It is connected through an open passageway directly to the theatre balcony level. The gallery and the theatre bar and commons make for a wonderfully open and flowing reception facility. The third building, formerly with residences on each of the two levels, has been transformed into offices for rent on the first floor and a two bedroom apartment as additional space for performers to reside in while performing at the theater. The opening event will be The Heath Brothers Jazz Quartet, a presentation in conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts, NIA. The event will take place February 25, 2005 and was sold out by February 1, 2005
SOCEMA Gregoire
SOCEMA Gregoire
In October of 1952, the visitors of the Paris Auto Show would discover an astonishing car with its shapely body hiding a gas turbine. At that time, the aircraft industry developed designs and construction schedules of turbojets and turbo propellers. The S.O.C.E.M.A (Company of Constructions and Mechanical Equipment for Aviation) exhibited several engines at the aviation show of 1949. The persons in charge developing the turbines are interested in the use on the ground as well. The idea to design a very compact gas turbine and to install it into a car had been born. The automobile part of this project was entrusted to a French engineer by the name of Jean Albert Gregoire. The prototype was made of aluminium cast. The manufacturing and the assembly of the body were done at Hotchkiss. For the transmission an electromagnetic Cotal was chosen. Given the fact, that a turbine does not generate any braking effect upon deceleration, an electromagnetic TELMA brake system was added to the transmission. The gas turbine used in this prototype had a weight of 130 kg (or 280 pounds), and - in theory - was designed to accelerate the 1300 kg (2800 pound) vehicle up to a speed of 200km/h (120 mp/h). The final development of the SOCEMA Gregoire - however - was far from being accomplished. The problems of temperature, consumption, and to the cost of constructing the turbine, one would have to add the design of a complex brake system. Shortly after its official presentation to the journalist and a test run of the protype, the futuristic project of the SOCEMA Gregoire was abandoned. The SOCEMA Gregoire shown here is the property of the Car Club of the West and is on display at the Museum 24 Hour of Mans in Sarthe.

construction equipment presentation
construction equipment presentation
Agile Construction for the Electrical Contractor
Agile Construction for the Electrical Contractor provides the tools and guidance needed to transform a traditional, reactive project management style to a new, proactive, profitable, and productive business management model - one that can quickly respond to changing industry needs and remain a profitable enterprise, even during the toughest of times. In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Daneshgari applies proven managerial techniques from other industries to electrical construction through the introduction of Agile construction - a new scientifically-based tracking system based on jobsite dynamics and the bottom-line impact of the three sources of cost drivers: money, materials, and manpower. This practical and accessible guide to improving operating systems and efficiencies is a must-have for construction company owners, CEOs, project managers, and supervisors with its clear set of practical tools, processes and tips for improving productivity.

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