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Davies Sports Equipment

davies sports equipment
    sports equipment
  • Sports equipment is a general term for any object used for sport or exercise.
  • Words Covered: bat, ball, helmet, baseball cap, glove, skies, skateboard, baseball, racket, shin guard, net, knee pads
  • equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
  • Davies is a common surname of Welsh origin. It is patronymic of David, a Hebrew name meaning "beloved". Davies is a hugely popular name in Wales, owing to the name of its patron saint, David. The name stems from the Welsh Ap Dafydd, meaning "son of David".
  • Davies is a crater on Mars located at 46°N 0°E on the fringe of Acidalia Planitia near Arabia Terra. It is approximately 49 km in diameter.
davies sports equipment - SAS Jungle
SAS Jungle Survival (SAS Survival)
SAS Jungle Survival (SAS Survival)
The Special Air Service operates worldwide, often in remote and hostile locations where nature poses as much of a hazard as any enemy. In order to stay alive and complete their missions, SAS personnel are rigorously trained in the art of survival. This book is based on SAS training and techniques. This general survival guide contains detailed information on basic survival in any situation, including techniques of shelter construction, sourcing water, first aid, fire making, food hunting, signalling, navigation and equipment. Drawing on practical, first-hand knowledge, the entries are arranged in order of survival priority, with photographs, cutaway drawings and diagrams. Specially designed to fit in a rucksack or pocket, this book offers a potentially life-saving companion for any outdoor activity.

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Thomas Huws Davies and Alice Wall
Thomas Huws Davies and Alice Wall
Thomas Huws Davies (2nd R front), Alice Wall (3rd L middle), Hilda Banbury (4th L middle), David J. Roberts (1st L front), et al. Main entrance of Old College, Aberystwyth, Wales. Photo scanned from the album of Alice (Wall) Huws Davies, by Sarah Huws Davis.
Davies T908
Davies T908
Davies great looking T908 Stockcrate heads east past the Port Augusta Prison and into the bright morning sunlight after leaving from Yorkeys Crossing.

davies sports equipment
davies sports equipment
SAS (Survival Techniques) Active Library:  Mountain Skills
Part of a new series which presents a range of SAS skills for a civilian readership, "The SAS Active Library: Mountain Skills" is a compact and portable guide to the skills and techniques necessary for the safe pursuit of hillwalking and a variety of other outdoor activities. Features include: helpful guidance on walk preparation, basic navigation and route selection; detailed advice on coping with specific emergencies ranging from getting lost to dealing with hypothermia and broken limbs; describes search-and-rescue techniques and suggests ways of making it easier to be found if you are the target; a handy and durable format, that fits easily into a rucksack; and is written by a former member of the regiment.

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