Used Dog Agility Equipment

used dog agility equipment
    dog agility
  • Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles.
  • is a sport in which dogs complete a timed obstacle course. It is a fairly new sport, started in 1978 in the United Kingdom.
  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.
  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items
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used dog agility equipment - Mini Travel
Mini Travel Teeter (Dog Agility See-saw)
Mini Travel Teeter (Dog Agility See-saw)
Ready to use right out of the box, this cute seesaw is great for backyard fun. It stands 12" high (as compared to competition standard of 24"), and has a shorter 8' long board (competition length is 12'). The amazing feature of this teeter is that it quickly breaks down into 3 pieces and fits right into the back of a small car! No tools needed; it takes under 30 seconds to pop together. The sturdy plastic boards are weather proof and maintenance free. They will not warp or rot, and are painted and treated with an anti slip traction surface. Makes a great demo obstacle for taking around to shows, parks, pet fairs, etc.! Recommended for small to medium dogs under 70 lbs. (Note: actual weight is 20 lbs, but has to ship at a 33 lb rate because of box size. Ships reasonably by UPS)

81% (18)
SAD NEWS. MERLIN WAS PUT TO SLEEP ON MONDAY 13 JUNE. To save him any more suffering. HE HAD A GREAT LIFE, JOAN AND TONY WILL MISS HIM GREATLY. THE BIG BOY GAVE SO MUCH PLEASURE TO SO MANY PEOPLE. SLEEP WELL, BIG BOY. One Saturday 7 years ago, Joan and Tony turned up with their bull mastiff Merlin at one of my dog clubs in Southgate. Merlin had a profound dislike of most dogs, joggers, bikes, carsand much more - in fact he had a profound dislike of just about anything that moved. The first thing we did was to fit amuzzle as shown here; you cannot take chances with a powerful animal like Merlin. He is going wear this for the rest of his lifre, but not all the time and not at home - only when in public. The other recommendation was that he should be fitted with a pinch collar, the reason being that although Tony is a sizeable bloke and not a weak person, if Merlin wanted to go his way then that is the way Tony went (a bull mastiff can pull a small cart without batting an eye). If anyone wants to take up the issue of the pinch collar, please talk to Tony! Once the pinch collar was fitted Tony had much better control. This does not cure Merln of his problems , of course, but it does control him I started Merlin on agility, my reason being that while he was concentrating on a piece of equipment such as the dog -walk he could not concentrate on other dogs and so he would gradually get used to having other dogs around without paying attention to them. We used all the usual agility equipment, and Merlin learned his way around it and seemed to enjoy himself. At the end of each session at my club, all the dogs have a free run (we have access to a large open space). Once all the agility and obedience training exercisis are over for the day, the dogs and puppies are allowed to run free - but those puppies and dogs that we know did not have a good recall (that is, they will not return to the owners on command) are put onto long lines (see the puppy in lthe long -line picture). Seeing up to 50 dogs running free, forming little groups and testing each other in play, with puppies trying their luck with older dogs and being disciplined correctly, is in my opinion what training should be all about. At intervals during the walk all dogs are called back to the owners, walked on the lead for a few moments and then released again; even in play training is taking place! On his first walk with us, Merlin could not work this out at all: lots of dogs running free, and none of them being a fret to him! Tony always had him on the lead, and always with the muzzle on. There is no getting away from the fact that a dog of his size and strength yjat already has significant behavioural problems is potentially - I stress only potentially - dangerous; his owners felt it was best to be on the safe side, and in this case I believe they were right. Within a few weeks Merlin was part of the pack; he started to enjoy life, and after years of a very curtailed existence is able to with their dog Tony and Joan at last started to enjoy Merlin. Now, some years later, Merlin is able to walk and socialise with other dogs without problem and calmly enjoys having visitors to his home. THE PICTURE SHOWS MERLIN MEETING AN UNKNOWN YORKSHIRE TERRIER. BEFORE HE CAME TO ME THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE
A Whisper in the wind
A Whisper in the wind
Got a couple good shots of Whisper when I took him and Solo for a walk on the bike trail. :] Doesn't he look so cute in his purple bandana? So our internet is back up! I won't be hoarding all of my weekly photos on here in one day during the week anymore, lol! Oh & oh my gosh, I'm not going to edit photos again on a laptop, LOL. They look terrible now that I look at them on the home computer again! I think it was because of how you can bend the screen of a laptop back and forward so the lighting would change and the editing looked much different on there than it does now on this computer. D; I think I might delete them and re-edit then upload again. Dammit. I think the one of Solo bowing is the worst though. Yesterday I went to my grandpa's for a few hours and we built some agility equiment for the dogs to train on! We currently have 3 jumps (adjustable heights), a hoop jump, a set of 6 weave poles, a down table, a shute, and we'll be building a teeter totter and dog walk next time. We can't build a tunnel so we'll have to order one. I worked with all 5 of the dogs on the equipment we have so far yesterday. Kiara competed in agility last summer so she still remembers how to do everything and went through the basic course like the pro she thinks she is haha. Petey is actually one of my best agility dogs, he gets soo excited and its adorable watching him fly over the jumps. xD It was Solo's first try on the equipment, so she was a little hesitant to go over the jumps but after luring her over a few times she caught on quick. I have two of the jumps on a low bar then the third is a high jump and Solo zips right over them I'm so proud of her. :3 At first she didn't understand what the hell the point of the weave poles were but after a couple times of luring her through them she now goes through without skipping one which is awesome. ^_^ I haven't tried getting her to go through the hoop yet though. But I think she's going to do great in agility competition this summer. I'm really happy that she's taken to it so well because agility is what Alibi loved to do. So about Whisper's try at agility, ahahaha. I had him offleash because I can almost not even get him away from me at this point so he doesn't want to even run away haha. But I lured him over the jumps, trying to use a bunch of hand emotions since I couldn't encourage him with my voice. It wasn't that he was nervous about the obstacles but he was just kind of like, "And what is the point of this? Why do I need to do this?" but eventually he stepped over the jumps and I rewarded him for it. I haven't tried him on the high jump yet or the weave poles, or really anything else but the low jumps since he's just beginning. But I see some potential and I think it'd be the greatest thing if he competed this summer because of his disability. :]

used dog agility equipment
used dog agility equipment
Introduction to Dog Agility
Written especially for beginning canine Agility competition enthusiasts, this manual covers all aspects of the competitive sport. The author starts with instruction on evaluating a dog's physical fitness and overall readiness for Agility training, then makes specific diet recommendations, and advises on treatment of injuries and the use of positive training methods. Advanced discussion describes obstacles used in Agility competitions, then shows how to teach the dog jumps, getting through tunnels, and other competition events. Filled with instructive full-color photos and illustrations.

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