Play Cooking Academy 3 - Induction Cooking System.

Play Cooking Academy 3

play cooking academy 3
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Tagged ...- -
365/42 well i said i would not do this anymore, i got Tag again, and i thought i might just play along so here i go!! 16 facts about me... 1. mmm, i still watch animated movies..( I just finish watching Shreck movies,watch them all, luvvv them)... laugh like a school girl watching them! 2. In the same theme i love Japanese horror movies, Zen decor and Sushi.. 3.I think i was the only teen in my group of friends without crushes on Actors or Musicians ...never own a poster or write their names on hearts..nope..never...nada...i was aloof to the idea of scream or almost faint just because they sang a nice song or work in a movie... 4. I live with a decease that is debilitating and is killing me, but has not change who i am.... 5. I am an interior designer, but i have work must of my life as a business manager...i always thought i would be an artist, i paint and draw since i was 5, study formally Music and Art,i won my first contest in drawing when i was 11, against adults, my images got 1st and second prices, i got an exhibition after that in Bellas Artes ...i won a grant to study Art in Luchetti Academy of arts.... 6.I am a good listener, i actually listen when you talk.... 7. i was a tomboy growing up....i almost never use make up, still...only for special dress up occasions, and some social activities , but im more of a hippie, no drugs here, still i love that way of being, barefoot, no make up and mess up long hair... 8. im tired and sleepy and my conection sucks, so this is taking me longer than usual to get done....OY! this internet is crapp!( ok someone protest this was not a me, so here is another~ I belong to the ocean and nature, i could not survive in a city of concrete only, with no nature around i love the ocean to, so im very lucky i live where i do, is surreal...) 9.I love martial arts movies....and love jackie for the fun ones, i have a lot of fun watching Pirates of the Caribbean and im crazy for psicological thrillers... 10.Someone call me once exhibitionist because i took to many images of me and some of them were a little sensual....i was so ofended, is a reason why i do self portraits, it works well with my conceptual imagery, but i have to admit, i guess i am a little exhibitionist,and im ok with it, i think i am learning to love myself as defective as i am, and accept that no one is perfect,including 11.I love spicy food of all kinds...and all cultures...and i mean very spicy...luvvvvvvvvvv it! 12. I said what i feel and think, im very open and is very little what can make me uncomfortable to express, if i trust you enough and know you well, i would tell you anything ...i share to much for my own good...mmmm 13.In other hand im very shy, it takes me very long to even look straight at your eyes when we first talk if i like you, i will be shy, nervous and giggle like a little girl...very embarrassing! 14.I love to cook, i can cook simple and gourmet meals, i think the marrying of the flavors and colors is Art..and eat it paired with a good just plain talent!!! 15.i love time traveling or should i said the dream of it...i wish to visit the past as much as the future, Alas! i use to have a set about it....mmm sometimes i just lay down in the grass and watch the clouds pass by and think, how many times different people have done the same in far away times crazy about scifi...i have travel trough so many centuries in my mind....mmm 16.well reading back at all this, maybe is not how i envisioned my facts when i start doing it, but somewhere along the way i got tired and sleepy and hurry....the internet disconnect me so many times was frustrating, i am finishing this, is time to go to bed and Good Night! ;0)
Academy of Music at dusk
Academy of Music at dusk
The Academy of Music is located at Broad & Locust Streets in center city Philadelphia. Photo: Nick Kelsh

play cooking academy 3
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