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Instructions For Cooking A Turkey

instructions for cooking a turkey
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Bella Misspriss
Bella Misspriss
Little Miss. Priss Well it doesn’t happen very often (in fact it’s so rare most people think we’re nuts), but the silly humans of this little crazy pack finally got a chance to skip out of town without the children in tow, if not just for a day. So with the home pet sitter set up to come and everything clear marked; meds., beds, Bella needs and likes, we were off. No easy thing I might add, team Bella is a lot of work so we are really lucky to have the most incredible pet sitter in the world, Beth. Not only does she simply love Bella and Bella loves her (Bella is a tough judge of character), but she can handle all the needs and help that Bella must have. Well off we went (we had an art festival out of town we were going to) with instructions that if Beth needed us call, we would drop everything and get back. The OOna puddin-cakes was fine on her own (except for maybe carrying out one of her evil ‘take over the world’ schemes, I swear I heard an evil laugh as we walked out the door), she got the back half of the house, Bella got the front, Beth would just peek in on the little evil one if she got a chance. All went well, Beth and Bella had a wonderful day together. Bella is feeling so good on her anti-inflammatory drugs (she’s breathing better – no coughing or wheezing, it’s helped with her joints and even with her bladder…by the way the drug is a wonder drug that could help any old dog, it’s unbelievable what it does for her!) that she ran to greet Beth at the door and then when she got outside she bugged all over the backyard, wanting to play and be silly. The other thing is with little Miss Sneaky-poo here felling so much better, it has brought back her mischievous side (which we love so much even though it means she can really be rather a little sticker). Anyway, like I was saying little Miss. Sneaky-poo decided she would have some fun, first playing keep away outside with Beth and not wanting to come back in, then finally, after a very long time, coming in conning Beth into feeding her enough of her home baked turkey for three meals, which was very sneaky especially since Bella normally doesn’t want to eat much at all (she’s never been very food driven even when she was a little pup so this was totally surprising and sneaky). I must say that a large part of it was our fault since we home cook for B. (she usually gets a meat, veggies, and rice or her new favorite mashed up cauliflower with lots of supplements), we usually section out each meal with labels on everything and though we labeled everything (her drugs and all) we forgot to section out each meal so Beth didn’t know how much to feed the little stinker (especially since the last time Beth came Bella wouldn’t eat). Oh well, heehee, silly little purple nose. Anyway, she had a blast and is doing very well. She is the magic.
Chili Turquie à la Épicée Sloppy Joe Decantation
Chili Turquie à la Épicée Sloppy Joe Decantation
Erotic Recession Cooking with Chef Prud'hommmmmme "It's the food version of making love in a wal-mart dressing room". Hugs and looks of love and jealously attacked me as I fought my way through the neighborhood to give a sample of this to a friend. The soft serve machines at Romi's started draining huge amounts of power when I stopped by to pick up after-dinner relief for her sensitive little taste buds. Sorry about that Romi, but I did leave a tip! Ingredients: Ground Turkey Fresh Tomato Shallots Carrots Beet Greens Portabella Mushrooms Canned White Bean and Bacon (Safeway) Canned Diced Roasted Tomatoes Canned Kidney Beans Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce Quik-Mix Flour Cajun Powdered Spice Texas #1 Steak Grilling Powdered Spice Spicy Curry Powder Black Pepper Sage Various Tropical Style Hot Sauces (heavy on garlic/habanero) Instructions: Put a bunch of the powdered spices on the turkey. Brown the turkey. Throw the rest of the stuff in the pot as cook time requires. Add more spice/hot sauce throughout to taste. Cover pot and simmer for about 1.5 hours.

instructions for cooking a turkey
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