Quality Flowers Delivered

quality flowers delivered
  • Formally hand over (someone)
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quality flowers delivered - Delivered
"Driven by a Promise, Fueled by Revenge"

A heartfelt crime thriller, DELIVERED is an intimate tale of loss, betrayal, redemption and bittersweet revenge. In the spirit of films like BULLITT, VANISHING POINT and TRUE ROMANCE, this film is packed with twists and turns, a cool car and a couple on the run.

As a young vet, Shane returns home to a financially broken and widowed Mom and he is determined to get back her home which was lost to foreclosure while he was off fighting the war. After finding out that she is working two jobs to make ends meet, Shane promises that he will get their old house back. Reluctantly, he takes an armed courier job. Not really wanting to carry a gun, it is the only job he can find. Luckily, Mom saved Dad's classic '67 Mustang which is the perfect vehicle for Shane to use for his job. It also provides an emotional connection to his Dad and is a great source of comfort.

After several routine deliveries, Shane's boss sends him on a special assignment. On the way to pick up a large amount of cash which will ultimately be exchanged for a rare piece of art, Shane stops at a roadside diner for a bite. On the way back to his car, he sees a young woman being molested by a drunk trucker and intervenes, offering the beautiful girl a ride to the next town.

Lonely for some female company, he decides to spend the night in a desert motel before leaving the next morning to finish his delivery. Duped by a drug crazed young Japanese man, Shane is forced to shoot the son of a murderous gangster in self defense. On the run and inadvertently entangled in an art theft ring, Shane and the girl seek refuge at the home of a friend. Now he must untangle a web of lies to discover his own truth.

Japanese gangsters, an Armenian art dealer, a retired proctologist and a beautiful young woman compliment a young vet in this well rounded ensemble cast of unique characters.

Set in Los Angeles and the dusty desert towns of Mojave Desert, the backdrop of DELIVERED provides a fresh view of California that we rarely see in films.

Well known character actor, Toshi Toda, famous for his elevator scene in CRANK and his work in LETTERS FROM IWA JIMA, plays the head of a Japanese gang into art and murder.

Director Michael Madison plays the lead role as Shane Green, a quiet, understated man that will do whatever it takes to survive.
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Delivered, or is it?
Delivered, or is it?
Just want to say a couple of sarcastic words about what a great postal service we have here in the UK and how crap their website is:

I enter my 13 digit tracking number, and it comes back telling me it is delivered.

Now im not usually a picky bastard but i paid the full whack (well my company did) for special next-day signed for before 9AM all singing all dancing package. So i go to the website this morning to se if it got there ok, much to my surprise it had (to its bloody delivery office).

I wanted to know that it had got to its final addressed destination ok, so like any normal person i click the proof of delivery button expecting to see a nice signature or a photograph of the happy postman delivering my post.

But as you'd expect it is the Royal Mail and that would be asking to much it's much easier to cut corners and give me useless information instead.

Now my question is, if there was no proof of delivery then why give me the option to view it?
Deliver the bride's dowry ??? - (DSC 9210)
Deliver the bride's dowry ??? - (DSC 9210)
The bride’s parents may include the bride's dowry with the return gifts on the day of betrothal or deliver the dowry a few days before the wedding. The chinese dowry typically include - beddings such as pillows, bolsters, comforter set, blankets, bed sheets, etc., all tied with red ribbons; - new clothes in a suitcase for the bride (in the past, wardrobes or wooden wedding chests are used.); - tea set for the wedding tea ceremony; - baby bathtub, potty, face washbasin, tumblers, toothpaste and toothbrushes, mirror, comb; - two pairs of red wooden clogs wedding slippers or bedroom slippers; - sewing basket with even numbered rolls of colourful thread, needles, pincushion, scissors, and sewing wax with auspicious words on it; - gold jewellery given by bride’s parents.

quality flowers delivered
quality flowers delivered
Delivered with Love
An old love letter found in the glove compartment of a young woman’s inherited ’72 Volkswagen propels her to leave her life in Los Angeles and go to the small town of Capitola, California. There her dream of finding the writer of the letter leads her on an unexpected journey that changes her life forever.

An old love letter found in the glove compartment of a young woman’s inherited ’72 Volkswagen propels her to leave her life in Los Angeles and go to the small town of Capitola, California. There her dream of finding the writer of the letter leads her on an unexpected journey that changes her life forever.