Clear Plastic Flower Pots. Blue Flowered Perennial

Clear Plastic Flower Pots

clear plastic flower pots
    flower pots
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clear plastic flower pots - National Tree
National Tree Company LCYSP-300-60 60 Inch Upright Juniper Slim Spiral Tree with Artificial Natural Trunk with 150 Clear Lights in Green Round Plastic Pot
National Tree Company LCYSP-300-60 60 Inch Upright Juniper Slim Spiral Tree with Artificial Natural Trunk with 150 Clear Lights in Green Round Plastic Pot
National Tree Company is a major manufacturer and supplier of outstanding and unique artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, fiber optics, decorated items and shrubbery. Our product line consists of more then one thousand items enabling us to offer a diversity of products at every price point. We proudly stand behind our company motto, GOOD ENOUGH TO FOOL SANTA. As a family company of three generations, Salvatore Puleo, Sr., President of National Tree Company, brings over 50 years of experience to his company and along with his three sons, Joe, Richard and Sal Jr., has continuously maintained the companys high standards. Mr. Puleos expertise and abundant knowledge holds him in high regard in the artificial Christmas tree business and his frequent trips abroad to his factories enables him to have a hands on approach regarding new designs and to ensure quality control meets his companys criteria. This explains National Trees success and tremendous growth both Domestically and Internationally. Over the years, National Tree Company has brought numerous innovative products to the marketplace. These include some of the most natural looking artificial Christmas trees in todays marketplace. The companys award winning designs of indoor and outdoor fiber optic trees and home decor have brightened many a Christmas holiday.

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IMG 0007 - Rosey and Mila
IMG 0007 - Rosey and Mila
Please meet MILA …………. Picture this scene. There is a 5-lane highway, a retaining wall 2ft high with garden and flowers. On this side of the wall is the footpath. To our right is a very lush golf course, and over from that again is the old Governor-General’s residence from the British days. As we were walking, just on dusk, we came across a little woman, with a fire burning against the wall on the footpath. As we passed, Rosey said to me, “That lady is using a cracked cook pot. How sad for her.” So we walked on another 50 metres and stopped. We looked at each other, decided to give her some money, and walked back to her. Rosey broke the ice and began talking to her, and I was the observer. All of a sudden our worries were out the window. She had a little pile of dry wood next to her, and she broke this up progressively to feed her fire. She had a plastic 1 ? litre bottle of water someone had given her. She had an aluminum beer can so she could boil some water and use this water for noodles. When the rice was boiling, she took a plastic bag (clear) and put this over the top of the rice for a lid. The edges sealed to the pot giving the bag an airtight seal. Mila said the rice will be hard on the outside but soft in the middle!!!!!!! While talking to her she was very concerned because she had not taken a bath. Can you believe that?????? Here is this lady, who is now homeless, and she is worried because she has not had a bath. This did not worry either of us but did her. We only met Mila because I was in Manila for 2 days processing my permanent vsa for the Philippines. Yea!!!!!!!!! This took a whole day, necessitating Rosey and I staying an extra night. We also look for the SOGO Hotel chain. They are great hotels, 24 hours. We love them. We decided to stroll around and we came across this little lady, with a fire going against the wall, the highway just over this and we guessed she was cooking. CORRECT!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!! This is her story – She came from LEYTE, an island in the Philippines group. She came to Manila in 2000. Her boss had paid her way here as a domestic worker. She lasted 3 months, had an argument with the other domestic staff and left. Ever since then she has been living on the streets. She walks around for 2-3 hours of a morning gathering plastic (bottles or anything plastic) and carries them to a selling point. She makes around 30-50 pesos a day. She can put all her possessions in a sack. Rosey and I were stunned by her story and we were oh so thrilled we went back and chatted to her. She has no family at all now in Manila or in the Philippines from what we could gather. She was joined by 2 of her friends, the husband sells cigarettes on the roadway with traffic zooming past (he stands in the middle of the road and drivers stop for a cigarette – he carries a lighter so he can light their cigarette too, part of the service. The wife helps out. These 2 walk an hour home. Sometimes they come back and sleep with Mila on the roadside. While we were there another guy came and sat down 8 metres away. We could not give her the 100 pesos right away because she did not know this guy, so we walked away again, pretending to go, then came back 10 minutes later. This is another aspect of life in the Philippines and we thank God for holding us over for one night, so we could meet Mila. Today while on a jeepney to the immigration again, a young man, maybe 20, got on our jeepney, ratting his castanet (he cannot speak but makes sounds) indicating he needed money for food. So we gave him some money. Another blessings. How rich we are!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this story. Really, we need to count our blessings. We need to thank GOD continually for WHAT WE DO HAVE rather than what we don’t!!!!!
Cabin Fever Toronto Style: Out the Front Door Saturday
Cabin Fever Toronto Style: Out the Front Door Saturday
We've had about six feet of snow this year. Received another foot since Friday, and more will come before the end of the month I know, I know. Non-Torontonians think Torontonians are a bunch of sucks, and they're probably right. But at least Toronto didn't call in the army to clear the snow they way they did in '99. That move left most of us pretty slack-jawed (actually, I'm not a Torontonian, but I am a Greater Toronto Arean). I've had the grandkids yesterday and today, so I won't be doing much commenting until tomorrow, At that point, I'll be starting a Regensberg travalogue. Today will be be taken up shovelling snow and playing Dora the Explorer board games with my grandson, Tyler. His parents own a townhouse that they rent out, and have been repainting all the rooms yesterday and today. The last tenants left the place in a hell of a mess, so it needs some work. They've decided to sell. Don;t blame them. I;ve never been interested in being a landlord.

clear plastic flower pots
clear plastic flower pots
Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights
Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights. Wintry Pine Entrance Tree is a perfectly illuminating tree for any occasion. Decorated with pine cones, red berries and snowflakes, and clear lights that will light up any room wonderfully. And with a generous tip count, you will have more than enough space to hang plenty of decorations. Comes in two sections for quick and easy set-up. This fire-resistant and non-allergenic tree will be a perfect fit for any home. Pre-lit with UL-listed, pre-strung clear lights. A special BULB-LOCK system keeps your bulbs from falling out as well as if one goes out the rest will stay lit. Includes spare bulbs and fuses. Features a 5-year tree warranty/2-year lights warranty. Packed in a reusable storage carton. Assembly instructions included. Good for indoor or outdoor use. 4 Size: Dimensions: 4 Height; 22 Diameter 50 UL-listed, pre-strung clear lights Tip count: 162 5 Size: Dimensions: 5 Height; 26" Diameter 100 UL-listed, pre-strung clear lights Tip count: 264