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If you frequently visit new places for work or pleasure, have trouble reading maps, or just hate to ask for directions, you may think about a world positioning system (GPS) primarily based navigator for your automotive. Once you place during a destination, the system can plot a route, offer spoken turn-by-turn directions, and show your progress on the route. Most personal navigation devices (PNDs) allow you to select your routing preferences, as well as the shortest distance, the quickest time, or maybe routes with no toll roads. Some transportable units provide special routing choices for bicyclists to assist them avoid highways and for pedestrians, applicable routes are only if ignore one-way traffic restrictions. Some devices even provide a alternative for the foremost fuel-efficient route.

You can also use a GPS device : Garmin Quatix NMEA Marine GPS Sport Watch to quickly find a variety of points of interest (POI), including gas stations, ATMs, hotels, tourist attractions, and more. Typically, you can search for a specific point of interest, browse ones that are near your current location, or look up ones in a different area. You can even choose a nearby restaurant by the type of food you wish to eat. Once you've located what you want, the system can calculate a route to get you there and often provide contact information, should you wish to call ahead.

In today's competitive market, GPS prices have come down to the point where even budget units include features previously available only on more expensive models, such as the ability to speak street names, issue speed warnings, and provide reality view, graphically representing major intersections. Higher-priced models can include such features as an FM receiver for traffic information, a wireless FM transmitter to integrate with the car's audio system, and Bluetooth connectivity, which can be handy for hands-free phone operation. Services such as traffic, weather reports, and Internet searches are widely available, although they can require a subscription or use a smart-phone data plan. Free traffic information is also increasingly common, though it is sometimes supported by small, onscreen advertising.

Extra features aside, our testing has shown that all GPS navigators will typically get you to your destination, but not always by the most efficient route. While there is no substitute for local knowledge of roads and traffic situations, some devices add intelligence through historical traffic data and the ability for users to modify maps.

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Garmin Quatix NMEA Marine GPS Sport Watch
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Garmin Quatix NMEA Marine GPS Sport Watch Specification

  • High-sensitivity, GPS-enabled marine watch with altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass
  • Waterproof to 50 meters - with Full-featured GPS navigation
  • Sail racing features -for a more efficient and controlled sailing experience -Virtual starting line - Tack assist - Countdown timer with large, easy to read digits
  • Tide charts display detailed tide data - Preloaded worldwide base map
  • Compatible with GNT 10 NMEA Transceiver - Wirelessly stream and view NMEA 2000 data such as wind speed & direction, depth and more on your wrist - Automatic wireless MOB activation - Garmin marine autopilot remote control capabilities

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