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Rice Cooker Vs Slow Cooker

rice cooker vs slow cooker
    rice cooker
  • A rice cooker or rice steamer is a self-contained tabletop kitchen appliance for cooking rice. There are electrical and gas powered versions. The term can also refer to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven. Dedicated rice cookers date from the earliest of times.
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Avocado Sushi, made the rice in my brand spanking new Sanyo ECJ-HC55S 5-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker. I used Soy wrappers which were a big hit with my husband. I will buy the full size sheets next time vs. the Half Sheet as it doesn't seem to hold itself together as well as Nori.
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rice cooker vs slow cooker
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