How to cook brisket in oven - Cook roasted chicken

How To Cook Brisket In Oven

how to cook brisket in oven
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BBQ brisket lunch
BBQ brisket lunch
My husband spent the best part of yesterday making the brisket on the grill -- very tender. I made the sides. There was potato salad as well, but putting a cold mayo dish in the thermal lunch jar with warm dishes seemed like a recipe for illness. I lined the top bowl with Press N Seal so as not to damage the bowl when I nuked it.
my beef brisket
my beef brisket
I prepared and cooked a meal last Thursday at Joe's. On the menu were chop salad, cornbread, beef brisket, steamed potatos & carrots, and peach cobbler. Here's the 10 lb. brisket in all its glory. Total cook time was 5 hours, mopping every 20 minutes. Took me 7 hours for everything from start to finish. It was so tender!

how to cook brisket in oven
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