How To Read Notes On A Guitar

how to read notes on a guitar
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  • A stringed musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard, typically incurved sides, and six or twelve strings, played by plucking or strumming with the fingers or a plectrum
  • The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number but sometimes more, are attached.
  • a stringed instrument usually having six strings; played by strumming or plucking
  • (guitarist) a musician who plays the guitar
  • A short comment on or explanation of a word or passage in a book or article; an annotation
  • (note) a brief written record; "he made a note of the appointment"
  • A brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory
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  • (O. N. A.) O.N.A. is Polish rock/Heavy Metal band, formed in 1994.

Texas Fires/Alpha Rev - Black Sky on Vimeo by Underground Planet
Texas Fires/Alpha Rev - Black Sky on Vimeo by Underground Planet
Music: Black Sky by Alpha Rev Licensed for use by Alpha Rev and Scire Vox Records Shot & Edited by Raymond J. Schlogel. This has been the only piece I’ve ever worked on that made my eyes well up with tears while editing. This video is not the complete piece but rather a montage of some of the footage that we filmed for the project I’m describing here. I got a call at 10:30 at night from Michael Linehan from ifbtv saying that he had just flown into Austin and needed a cameraman and crew to shoot a piece with Larry Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers. Apparently Michael and he had been talking about this before a Gatlin Brothers show just days before and within an hour and a half of their talking Larry had written a song about the fires. He went on to say that Larry wanted to do a video with ifbtv and wanted to start to help raise funds for victims of the current Texas fires. We would be going out to Larry’s place to do an interview and record him performing the song, we would be going to do some interviews and possibly going out to film some of the damage. We met up with Michael the next morning and headed out to Larry’s home. Though it may seem trivial in light of the circumstances I can’t go further without mentioning just how gracious Larry was. Before we had even started setting up gear he said he had ordered us lunch and it would be there any minute. We unloaded the gear and over lunch discussed how bad things had gotten. All things convivial but the mood was noticeably somber. While setting up the camera Larry picked up his guitar and sang the song he wrote “Rain on Texas”, chills, hard to believe that such an amazing song was written that quickly, inspiration is a wonderful, if not sometimes a heartbreaking thing. We were pressed for time but managed to record the song and a bit of Larry and Michael talking about the project. A quick load out and we were off to the City Of Bastrop Convention Center which was serving as the command center. The closer we got to Bastrop the stronger the smell of smoke. We pulled up and Larry did few interviews outside with a survivor and some of the staff. After that we were ushered inside and past the doors that labeled with large signs that read “NO MEDIA”. Maps, computer projections and a good hundred or more people were busy tracking the fires. Firemen covered in dirt and soot passed by and Larry didn’t let one pass without thanking them. We shot a little of Larry talking to some of the representatives and volunteers. One in particular was a standout, a fireman named Jim from Delaware that Larry was speaking with who said “We’re here to help out and I know if Delaware ever needed a hand I’m sure Texas would come to help us, that’s what we do right?” Grabbed the gear, jumped in our cars to follow an escort from the Fire Department who lead us past the police and police barricades and into an area had suffered catastrophic damages. The smoke wasn’t just visible now but it seemed to be everywhere. On either side of the highway there were workers cutting down trees in an effort to clear a path that the fire wouldn’t get past. Few houses were left standing, just piles of smoking rubble and burned out vehicles. Some of this I was unable to film. I was asked by our guide to only film the parts they okayed out of respect for the victims. We went down a few side streets, it was nearly impossible to tell that it used to be a neighborhood. The three horses were spotted just running down the middle of the road loose as the owner had presumably not had time to haul them away and had no choice but to open their gate and let them free hoping they would survive. The footage you see is part, but not all of what we saw. I simply couldn’t fit it all into this one video and hope that some other shots will make it into the finished piece that ifbtv is doing. Time was limited so it was just run around and grab what I could from the one small area we were allowed in. Once done we made our way back to our cars but before I had put the camera up I saw my two crew guys, Arturo Cavazos and Eli Mendoza, being led by a couple home owner back to the where their house used to be. They were Rory and Iris, a married couple who lost just about everything. Iris led me around and pointed out some of the things that had survived. I simply cannot fathom what they are going through or moreover, how they remained so incredibly high spirited they were despite the tragedy. I can only hope that the world is as kind to them as they were to us as they set about rebuilding their lives. The last little bit that I want to mention is that I wanted to get this up sooner. It’s been a couple days since we shot it but my main computer has been down. Beyond that I also didn’t know what I wanted to do with the footage. I knew I wanted to do something in addition to what iFBTV and Larry Gaitlin were doing to help bring even more attention to it but thought that using Larry’s song might be redundant and wanted
6 Twotrails/ Kid Farmer
6 Twotrails/ Kid Farmer

A sandy breeze comes swirlin’
‘round the corner of the shed
‘tween the house that Grandpa built
and that barn Grandma painted red
And that shed door keeps on slammin’
and that breeze keeps circlin’ ‘round
I know Grandpa surely built it strong
but that old shed’s a fallin’ down
And there’s an old green John Deere
tractor been settin’ there for years
Belly deep and sinkin’ fast
in sand up to it’s gears
With the cultivator still attached
that sun’s done burned it brown
And I wonder if it’s figured out
Grandpa won’t be back around
CH: 1 ---
There’s a wind blows through West Texas
like West Texas wasn’t there,
Then straight through Oklahoma,
but them Texans they don’t care
Then those old cold blue northers hit
like somethin’ hard and mean
After summer’s hot breath
scorched them Plains,
it’s the dangdest thing I’ve seen

Grandpa turned them prairies
into tapestries of dreams
And that banker saw what Granpa did
and dreamed of money makin’ schemes
And he had to pay them taxes
and Grandpa could not understand
How the more he made the more they took
until they finally took the land

Now the mornin’ glories hide
a trace of a fallen picket fence
And the kids all moved to Ft. Worth
and that farm ain’t seen’em since

And there’s a banker in Chicago
owns a farm he’s never seen
But if he did he’d sure be haunted
by the ghost of Grandpa’s dream

CH: 1---

With Grandma right beside him
in a little run down shack
Grandpa kept a garden growin’
in the yard out back
And he no longer handled money
but ‘least he had enough to eat
And he always kept his head held high,
nor sir Grandpa wasn’t beat

Well, I guess it’s time to end this song
but there’s a question in my head
I thought our farmers were the ones
the whole world looks to to be fed
How can labor of love turn hard
into such a struggle to survive
Why do farmers have to borrow
money to buy food to stay alive

CH: 2---

Well there’s a wind blows
through this country
Lord I do not understand
A farmer feeds the whole damned world
but a banker owns his land
And there’s an old cold blue norther
in the hist’ry books I read
Hits when love and common sense
are replaced by want and greed.

There’s a wind blows through this country.


feet poundin’,
scrapin’ through, slidin’ in and Kickin up Sand and Pickin’ up Goat Headed Stickers that Mother picked out before Bed time,
or with certain ones,
taped a piece of fat-back to beneath a sock,
over night
and the Sticker would have been drawn out by mornin.
Ya’ get all that goin’ for ya’ and
it’s time to Irrigate again.
Up to my knees in Water all Day and all Hours of the Night for weeks,
Then back to the chopping and the blisters rising from softened and pruney hands,
And the Water-Made-Tender-
Foot of the Irrigator.
A cycle that ran continuously from Spring through
‘Layin by’ of the Crops.

All the time,
Banker Drawin’ interest.

Crop Insurance cause the Banker says
“No go without it!”
Rate increase with every Hail and
Sand Storm and
Every Damaging act of Nature.
Summer, Ugh!
But there was no insurance for when an overpopulation of Ravenous,
Migrating Starlings Consumed the last Grain From
the last Ripening Red Head of 160 acres of Milo before you could Scream the words,
But that was Fall, and
I don’t have the energy left to discuss Fall or
Recap for you, Winter.
Summer! “Ugh!”
Repay the Bank,
If you can’t Repay the bank.
How many notes will he roll for you while the interest goes on.
While we Farmed the home Place 3 miles east of town,
The 160 acres Daddy Rented from Old Man McCullum three miles
West of town along with other eighties and one-sixties Daddy rented time to time.
A Couple of years, we had half a section to Farm near Kress,
Thirty miles away.
As God was Master of the Universe and had divided the Seasons into Fours of Fours,
And in his Flagrant Physical Mockery,
Man had recently attempted to Divide the ‘Land’ into Fours of Fours,
i.e. Section 640 Acres,
three Quarters 480
Half Section 320
Quarter Section 160
And on down, half quarter,
Twenty, ten, five
All the way to a quarter acre.

how to read notes on a guitar