YouTube Views

How many times have you uploaded a video to YouTube and not gotten any views. Maybe you get one or two views.

It's easy to get jealous of the guys getting thousands of views whenever they upload the video. Running a Youtube channel is hard work and takes times, persistence and some secret sauce.

Not everyone can be popular on YouTube but you can give yourself a slight edge when people find your video. Have you ever searched for a music video and watched five different versions of the same video. Chances are the first video you watched wasn't exactly what you were looking for. The video was either of low quality or maybe it didn't have lyrics displayed. Think of it this way, when you do a search for a video you usually look at the top three results, then you choose the video with the most views. Videos with the most views tend to be the right choice because of the view count.

When people search for your video who is your competition, who else shows up for your search term? Look at their view count to determine which video will get clicked on before yours.

You can eliminate that choice by making sure your video has equal to if not MORE VIEWS than the guy showing up in the search. There's an easy way to increase yours using sites like:

Everytime you upload a video make sure you do the following things:

  1. Research other videos that show up for your videos title (keywords)
  2. Make sure you have equal to more views than the other guys listed in the results.
  3. Backlink your video by posting it on Facebook, Twitter and any Blogs you can.
  4. Use fiverr to get backlinks to your video to help increase it's chances of showing up in Google Search.
Use these tips to get faster views on the cheap. You need every tool you can to get your channel competitive.