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Play Fashion Games For Girls

play fashion games for girls
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Fly Girl - TAG GAME! :)
Fly Girl - TAG GAME! :)
Okay... I just played this iPod shuffle game, and I was laughing at the results, so I had to do it again. If you haven't done this, I think you really should, it's quite hilarious! Ipod Shuffle Dance Dance! 1. Put your iTunes/ ipod / mp3 on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. Write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds! 4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing this. 1.What word/phrase best describes your doll collection? The Flood - Escape the Fate - LOL. 2.What makes you happy? Forgotten - Linkin Park 3.What do your friends think of you? My December - Linkin Park 4.What do your friends think of your dolls? Slow Burn - Atreyu - NOOOOO!! 5.What do you think of your friends? Don't Stay - Linkin Park 6.What should you be doing now? Breathe Into Me - Red 7.What should you collect next? One Step Closer - Linkin Park 8.Where will you be in 5 years? Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach. LOL! 9.Is there something you must share with someone? New Medicines - Dead Poetic 10.What is life trying to teach you? Easier to Run - Linkin Park 11.What’s the best thing that could happen to you? I Don't Care - Apocalyptica 12.What new experience should you try once? Something - Escape the Fate 13.What do people like the most about you? Waking the Demon - BFMV
Now you can play the game Clueless!
Now you can play the game Clueless!
In Clueless, Cher and her friends are on an unending quest to find the perfect clothes for every occasion. Whether it is prom or just a day at school, they always have to look perfect to avoid "clueless fashion victim" status. Cher's clique dress not only to impress other girls, but also boys. While boys may not know the most about fashion, they sure know what they like. Help Cher and her friends achieve the title of "fashion goddess" while attracting the perfect boyfriend. Choose from over 15 different styles of clothing to find the perfect look in the right style.

play fashion games for girls
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