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Fashion Earrings Cheap

fashion earrings cheap
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Old Obsessions, New Memories
Old Obsessions, New Memories
Took this photo during the summer but used for the "10 things you don't know about me" theme this week in photography class. Still discovering new settings on my camera, can you believe that? And I've had it for almost 6 months now! This photo is of my extensive cheap jewellery collection, that I still have and keep on a shelf in my bedroom. The only reason for keeping it all is because of how colourful it is! Sitting high on the wall means that no one actually realize's how cheap it all is, but still admire the beautiful colours :)
~ Sardinia earrings ~
~ Sardinia earrings ~
Just about everything that I had planned for these earrings ...uh, did not work! They look very cute and straightforward NOW but took days to come together. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise was a last minute decision but I am very happy about choosing it in the end!

fashion earrings cheap
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