Quick Tips On How To Get Real Facebook Followers

Followers on your business web page are the main assets on any social media platform. Just having a webpage on Facebook is not enough. Nobody gives an unconditional Like to a business web page. You literally need to earn it if you are considering some real and loyal fan following. Following are some Quick tips on ‘How to get real Facebook followers’:

i. Link Your Facebook Profile Page To Your Facebook Business Page: this is a very simple solution to bring in visitors to your business web page. In the ‘About’ or ‘Work’ section you can create a link for your business page.

ii. Link Your Business Facebook Page In Your Email Signature: Every email you send will automatically contain link to your business page. Visibility of the business page can thus be achieved to a large extent by this simple technique.

iii Post Regular Threads For Discussion And Participate Actively In Them: Your visitors should know who you are. Familiarity with the seller or the blogger is very precious to the customer. This can be achieved through useful, meaningful and relevant conversations. Regular interesting posts help you build a loyal band of real Facebook followers. They will visit your page regularly and might share your contents and post them in their individual timeline too. With every share, your web page name will automatically be mentioned. People visiting your visitors’ profiles might like the share and visit the origin of the post: your business webpage.

iv. Participate In Conversations In Business Pages That Are Similar To Your Genre: Conversations and interactions with target audience without being imposing are some of principal advantages that you can actually do in a social media like Facebook. You can participate in conversations posted in other business pages and post the link to your page also if you find a relevant issue.

v.  Cross Promote: Like in every field, you can also make business allies. Allies are those whose target audience may have an interest in your product too. For example, if you run a coffee house you can make an ally with a book shop owner whose business located in the same locality. You know a good read goes really well with a warm cup of good coffee. You can use Facebook’s web metric tools to help you assist in this regard. The software will suggest you some names of web pages that may like to share your audience. People using this concept or strategy of ‘How to get real Facebook followers’ often host joint webinars. Bloggers often use this method to popularize their ideas and talents.

vi. Offers And Deals Always Work: People are very keen to look out for some extra. Never forget to post current offers and deals on your product on your Facebook page. Immediate likes and immediate visitor-to-customer conversions are the obvious results of this strategy.

vii. Contests Work Too: running a contest is the easiest and the sure shot way of getting quite a bagful of Facebook likes.  

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