Round Glass Table Base

round glass table base
    glass table
  • Put your opponent through a table that's covered in glass
  • Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations
  • Pass and go around (something) so as to move on in a changed direction
  • wind around; move along a circular course; "round the bend"
  • from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"
  • Give a round shape to
  • a charge of ammunition for a single shot
  • The part of a column between the shaft and pedestal or pavement
  • The end at which a part or organ is attached to the trunk or main part
  • installation from which a military force initiates operations; "the attack wiped out our forward bases"
  • establish: use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation"
  • The lowest part or edge of something, esp. the part on which it rests or is supported
  • basal: serving as or forming a base; "the painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats"

Day 217 - Manual Labour
Day 217 - Manual Labour
Day 217 - Well as mentioned, we picked this guy up, and now it is assembled. I will say I worked pretty hard to get this guy up to our unit, no help from wifey, as she just delegated where she wanted it, sort of like at the end of ice age when scrat and scratee as moving furniture around their tree. The specs, this guy is round, and made of glass, decent weight, and the glass is screwed into the base, giving it that sturdy feel. We fit some chairs around, and it is perfect for the space we have it it. As in it goes under another home improvement item of mine, the ceiling fan (not in this picture). Wifey so likes the table and size, even tho she said she did not like round tables, I guess I swayed her on this, as she kept raving about how awesome this table is, now less dining at the raised bar I guess.
Set of 6 - Wine Glasses - Luminarc Vintage Ruby Red Cavalier, France c. 1970s
Set of 6 - Wine Glasses - Luminarc Vintage Ruby Red Cavalier, France c. 1970s
The pattern is known as Cavalier and was made in the 1970's by J.G. Durand (Luminarc) of Verrerie Cristallerie dArques in France. They are also sometimes called Luminarc Arcoroc Dinnerware. The entire set is made of barrel shaped ruby red bodies with clear glass round bases. Each base has a molded France in tiny capital letters on the bottom - the Luminarc mark used in the early 1970s. Lots of people collect these glasses as the colour is just stunning and many use them as a Christmas formal set for their holiday table.

round glass table base
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