YouTube Views

The only way to get noticed on YouTube is to have more views than your competition. When people search YT they compare your video rankings to the other results shown. The more your viewcounter shows the more likely they are going to watch your video.
Four ways you can increase your viewcount is to do the following things
  1. Buy YouTube Views using a service:
  2. Post your video as a response to other videos that show up for your search term.
  3. Comment and Like similar videos in your niche. This will attract new followers to your channel.
  4. The most obvious thing you should be doing is embedding your video on your Blog, Posting the URL to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Web 2.0 sites like Tumblr.
  5. Make sure your Title of the video includes keywords that people are searching for. Since YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to google, you can get massive organic traffic to your video.
Building up your channel isn't always fast, it will most likely be a slow tedious process but there can be cheap ways to do it. Anytime you want real views you have to work hard at it.
To speed things up it's not uncommon to use fake views on your channel to get attention from other bloggers and users watching your content. It's always best to get real people to watch your video whenever possible.