Canon Camera Backpack Review

canon camera backpack review
    camera backpack
  • (Camera Backpacks) Backpacks with specialized compartments designed to hold and protect cameras and camera accessories.
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canon camera backpack review - Pro Series
Pro Series Digital SLR And Laptop Backpack
Pro Series Digital SLR And Laptop Backpack

Pro Series Digital SLR And Laptop Backpack
liDesigned to hold SLR, digital, 35MM, camcorders and a wide variety of accessoriesliSecure, padded 17" laptop carrying pouch with room for power cords, memory sticks and other accessoriesliDesigned with multiple compartments that can be reconfigured to hold different lenses, cameras and flashesliPadded and water-resistantliYellow interior makes it easy to find your accessoriesliExterior dimensions: 14" W x 17" H x 10 1/2" DliCamera compartment dimensions: 11" W x 16 1/2" H x 6" D

76% (5)
backpack review
backpack review
I just received my new backpack "NG 5159". I've been looking for a quality laptop/camera backpack for awhile now, and this one is my favorite. First off it is well built, I love the hemp material and it seems like it can really take a beating. It fits all my equipment perfectly, with room to spare for a small paperback and a few personal items. I was able to fit 2 flashes with 2 wireless triggers, combine that with a tripod(that can be attached to the side or bottom) that doubles as a light stand and a minipod, I basically have a whole studio set up in the bag. The camera is a little snug, it wont be quite as easy to get in and out as my old shoulder bag. And I wish it was an inch wider and 2 inches taller. But I went with the small version instead of the medium for a reason. I wanted a small enough bag to walk around a city that wont be bulky. I can drop off my laptop and other non essential equipment at a home base, and use it as an effective day bag. My only real problem so far is that my 15 in. PowerBook doesn't fit all the way in the laptop holder. But it still closes fine and will work fine from base to base. I wont go on a shooting outing with a laptop anyway, and I'm going to get a new 13 in. MacBook Pro since my powerbook is 8 years old, and that will fit perfectly. I would get the medium if you have a lot of lenses or need more space, but it will combine well with a small duffel (for clothes) for easy and effective traveling. I'm also not wild about the National Geographic logo on the bag, it kind of makes me feel like a dweeb...but at least they donate part of the proceeds to charity. And the bag overall just looks great..I don't necessarily look like a photographer which is good to prevent theft, and I don't look like a student. It also has that "Indiana Jones look" that I love. All in all: 4.5 stars out of 5. Here is a complete list of my set up that fits into the bag: Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105 L lens. 2 cheap flashes 2 wireless trigger kits 2 mini softboxes Camera charger Phone Charger Computer Charger 15 in. PowerBook Mac Waterproof bag for the backpack (comes with bag) Tripod (although I will carry it in my duffel) MiniPod USB Cable Mac Mouse 8 extra AA batteries Lens cloth Paperback Toothbrush, toothpaste, shave gel, razor, floss, TrailMix I Pod & Charger small moleskin notebook WaterBottle (side flap pulls out, quite nifty)
Tamrac Adventure 9 & Kata W94
Tamrac Adventure 9 & Kata W94
Kata W-94 waist/bum bag next to the Tamrac Adventure 9 and a manfrotto 001b lightstand with compact umbrella. The W94 holds almost as much as the backpack! There's not as much spare room in the W94 but it's roomy enough for camera with lens, 2 flashes, 2 umbrella adaptors, superclamp, gels, filter, battery and cards. It's smaller size makes it useful for taking out to restaurants where I can put it under my chair. The backpack is rather large to do this easily. I wish the bumbag had a shoulder strap so I didn't have to carry it around my waist all the time. It would also be great if you could extend into the side pockets from the main compartment so I could easily fit the Canon 580EX II and a camera with a longer lens on it.

canon camera backpack review
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