Pink Flower Girl Baskets

pink flower girl baskets
    pink flower
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pink flower girl baskets - Kids Line
Kids Line Dena Happi Tree Wall Decals, Pink
Kids Line Dena Happi Tree Wall Decals, Pink
Kids Line Dena Happi Tree Wall Decals
Decorate your baby’s nursery with these adorable Happi Tree adhesive wall decals by Kidsline. Featuring colorful owls, flowers and a hedgehog and lots of beautiful flowers. Designed in shades of pink, green, orange and blue are easy to install and remove. Simply peel each decal from the backing sheet and apply to a clean wall. To reposition, just peel the applique away from the wall, stick it in its new spot and smooth out any air bubbles. Contains 4 sheets of decals - 10"H x 18"W.

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PINK- Alphabet- Flowers- Bunny Buttons
PINK- Alphabet- Flowers- Bunny Buttons
PINK- Alphabet- Flowers- Bunny Buttons- Nursery- Baby- Fabric Basket I have combined two different prints by Maywood Studio to make this basket. The main body of the basket is light pink with white capitol letters. The upper part and handles are light pink with small flowers. Chocolate "rick rack" runs across the front dividing the two prints. Four bunny buttons (from Daisy Kingdom) are attached to the rick rack. The inside is fully lined. This basket is stong and stable and has many uses. You can use it for holding diapers, nursery items, toys or whatever you choose. Fill it up with goodies and you have the perfect shower gift.
Flower Girl Necklace
Flower Girl Necklace
Beautiful vintage cabochon in round setting is tied to the delicate antiqued chain with a lovely antiqued brass ribbon. Cabochon displays ivory, light pink and plum rosebuds in a basket. It looks like one a flower girl would carry hence the name.. This necklace is very subtle and pretty with light dreamy colors. Easy to coordinate with different colors and styles, innocent yet feminine. Your purchase will arrive in a box with a ribbon, ready for gift giving or as a treat to yourself ! Details: Chain: approx. 17.5” (44cm) Pendant: approx. 1.5” (3cm)

pink flower girl baskets
pink flower girl baskets
Lucite Tulip / Lily Of The Valley Flower Bead Caps Matte Pink 6x10mm (12)
Extremely Lightweight. Vintage Style Lucite Flowers. 6x10mm Tulip / Lily Of The Valley. Matte Pink. Quantity: 12 Flowers. Lucite (plastic) is formed into delicate Tulip / Lily Of The Valley flower beads. A small hole is drilled at the top center of each flower, making it simple to layer with larger or smaller petals and flowers. Each flower measures , 10mm Wide, and 6mm Depth. Material is approximately 1mm thick. These flowers are rigid and will not bend. Hole in center has an approximate diameter of 1.5mm. Quantity: 12 Lucite Flowers