Note: I've created this page as a resource on PBN Links services that I've personally hand picked and used to rank my clients' as well as my own affiliate sites.

I advise that you bookmark this page or send an email to yourself of this page's URL for future references.

Please pay attention to different factors to take into account when building backlinks to your site to avoid triggering an algorithmic penalty. 

So lets get down to business. In this article, I will share with you where I buy my PBN links, how I use them and the anchor text ratios that I’m currently using to rank my clients’ and affiliate sites.

PBN or better known as Private Blog Network are network of blogs or sites created from expired domains that are used to funnel their existing link juice towards the site we are trying to rank.

They are the only type of link-building strategy that works for long term ranking from my own experience.

In my opinion, the sellers that are selling “packaged backlinks” such as Blog Comments, Social Signals, Web 2.0 backlinks packaged into one service are worthless and won’t contribute to ranking your site. Why? Well, for one, the links don’t have any power or “juice” pointing to them, and two; they are non-contextual and will most likely get your site penalized. There's a reason why they are cheap, that's because it doesn't work.

The key to link-building and ranking is QUALITY over quantity and finding quality links for sale.
It's not about trying to trick Google, but rather, it's about WORKING WITH them and giving them (Google, Bing, etc.) what they want.

So, here’s my approach to using Private Blog Network backlinks and where to buy them:

Note: Regarding URLs & Anchor Texts - Please read the DESCRIPTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY on their sales page.
If you don't follow the instructions as stated, the sellers will not accept your order(s) and just issue you a refund instead.

  1. I use Link Azure PBN from as pillow backlinks for diversity (,,, brand name, click here, visit site, etc.)

    first package will help diversify your anchor texts. It’s used to even/balance out the anchor text ratios to avoid algorithmic filter (Penguin).
    DO NOT include any keywords for this package, only anchors for diversity, for example, brand name, naked urls, as well as generic anchors (click here, visit this site, etc.)

    I usually buy the extra 35 to 50 package (check the extras below the package description). It's better to be under-optimized than over optimized.
    When ordering, tell him to drip-feed your backlinks for 30 days.

  2. I use Hatred’s PBN Links from for my targeted/money keywords.

    Hatred's package is where we'll be getting our link juice from. He only allows 2 keywords per order so I normally split those two keywords for the terms I’m trying to target. If the competition is high, I'll use only 1 keyword but make sure that your anchor text ratio is balanced. I recommend to start with 2 keywords, and see how it goes from there. Tell him to drip-feed for 30 days.

service is one of the few that I’ve found and used that constantly gives me result. Not a lot of people know what they are doing when building a Private Blog Network. The other option is to build your own network which can be quite expensive (approx. $100 for each site)

The services listed above are CONTEXTUAL Private Blog Network backlinks  that you can use straight to your site.

You will also need to have solid on-page setup (contents, url, meta-tags, silo structure, etc.)

Please note that I use each of the services for sale above for different purposes. For example, I'll buy the more expensive packages for anchor texts of the keywords I'm trying to rank and I'll use the cheaper services for branded and naked url (in other words, no keywords related anchor texts). The purpose of this is to balance out my anchor texts ratio.

It's important to make sure that you have an even anchor texts ratio so you don't get hit with an over optimization penalty. It's better to be under-optimized than over-optimized.

The ratio that I usually stick to is:

MAX 10% for EACH keyword (20% TOTAL for keyword related anchors)
60% for brand name & naked urls
10% for generic anchors (click here, visit site, etc)

So in other words, if you’re building 10 backlinks the break-down will look something like this:

(20% MAX Total for keyword anchors)

1x Keyword 1
1x Keyword 2

(60% Total for brand name & naked URLs)

6x variations such as:

(20% Total for generic anchors)
1x Click Here
1x Visit this page


Here are some of the results I've had from using the two pbn links services that I mentioned. The two latest campaigns are still fairly new and I have no doubt that they'll hit top 3 within a week or two!

Private Blog Network Result

Please note - If your domain/site is newly indexed by Google, there will be a waiting period of approx 75-90 days called Google Sandbox. After that period, you should see your site climbing up the rank pretty quickly.

That's it for now, simple right? I wish you all the success in your journey to ranking and banking! :)

I will keep updating this page whenever there are relevant changes.

Last updated: 3 February 2017



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