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How To Size Watch Band

how to size watch band
    watch band
  • The Watch are a progressive rock band heavily influenced by 70s Genesis.
    how to
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Oy! I've been tagged by nursdurkin!
Oy!  I've been tagged by nursdurkin!
Okay, so this is not a photo of me, obviously. But I've been tagged to list 16 random things about myself. I'll have to list 17 because I have to tell you that I love my kids! Our daughter and son are wonderful and I'm blessed to have them. So that's Random Thing #1. 2. I'm double-jointed in my arms. My gramma used to always ask me to raise my arms in the air so she could see how they curve. I loved the attention but still felt like a side-show act. STEP right UP! 3. When I was eleven (in Ft. Leavenworth, KS) I rode my bike to my elementary school. School was out for the summer. I decided to go ahead and shimmy up a rainspout (actually, I went UP a downspout, you know?) to the roof and poke around. It was just a one story school. But then suddenly I thought I heard someone up on the roof with me! I was so scared that instead of sliding down the rainspout I jumped OFF the roof and sped away on my bike. A thirty year old memory that has never left me. 4. I learned to ski in Austria when I was in the 8th grade. 5. I can sing "Hickory Dickory Dock" in French. 6. I really like okra and brussels sprouts (did you know that "brussels" has an 's' on the end of it? me either 'til I looked it up in the dictionary for the spelling!) but I DETEST lima beans with a passion! 7. I was an Army brat for my first 27 years! My dad is a retired Major General ( Army). 8. In high school my favorite bands were The Scorpions, Madness, Men at Work, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, The Fixx, Rick James, Foreigner, The B-52's, Shalimar, The Clash, Journey, The Bar-Kays, the Human League, and INXS. The 80's rule! haha! 9. In college I pledged a sorority named Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Also in the same sorority? My gramma, my mom, my two sisters, a great-aunt, two aunts, and quite a few cousins. 10. I love, love, love to watch Irish dancing and listen to Celtic music. 11. At our wedding we had no bridesmaids, no groomsmen, and no flower girl. It was just us up there :) 12. I hate to admit it but I procrastinate way too often. But I'll tell you more about that later :) 13. For years while growing up I had a humongous crush on Leif Garrett. I still have 2 big scrapbooks filled with photos and articles about him culled from Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine. (so take THAT, Zac Efron, Rob Pattinson, and you three wretched Jonas Brothers! haha!!) 14. Sometimes I like to eat french fries with mustard instead of ketchup. 15. I'm HORRIBLE at math! Math hates me. The feeling is mutual. 16. I've lived in 10 states and three different towns in Germany. Rock me, Amadeus! 17. During high school and college I had five steady pen pals: a girl in Malaysia, a girl in Pennsylvania, a guy in Brazil, a girl in Colorado, and a guy in Algeria. And that's that :)
Pale Pale Moon
Pale Pale Moon
Mike Greene Band; Pale, Pale Moon H. Rousseau - La Charmeuse De Serpents 1975 Or How I got to have the only 1964 International Scout SUV with an Henri Rousseau painting on its tailgate - before there was even any such thing as an SUV. A little stream of consciousness memories – stimulated from the Steve Martin Crow Music “Daddy Played the Banjo” album – samples sent me by knd – thanks. So decades ago in college my friends and I, who were mostly paying our own way through school, with minimal assistance from family, grants, loans, the GI Bill and handouts from friends, subsisted on “Anything For A Buck” jobs ala brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl in the Newhart Show. Our favorite jobs entailed being roadies, stage hands and technicians for traveling shows and bands. I got quite adept as a Super Trooper spot light operator. Not only did we get to see high dollar shows for free, we also got paid for watching and we got best seats and could drink, smoke and get paid for seeing the show in exchange for a little menial labor. We just had to work our butts off and sit in sweaty lofts. And often we could have access to some pretty fun artists. Almost without exception the bands and artists were kind. The “Mike Greene Band” was no exception. While watching the stage and safeguarding the instruments in the afternoon before the show I saw some kid walk on stage and sit behind the drum kit. I told him to get the hell off the stage. The kid ignored me and started ripping the hell out of the drums – turns out he was the Rande Powell – the young drummer for the Mike Greene Band. All was forgiven, they gave me a nifty decal of the “Snake Charmer” painting by Rousseau that adorned their album and I quickly plastered it on the tailgate of my Scout. A few decades later I was cruising the Musee d'Orsay. I was shocked to see a 6-foot tall original image of the La Charmeuse De Serpents “Snake Charmer” except it was 6 FEET Tall, not 1 foot tall.. I was almost brought to tears looking at it in this size. Tom Waits played that same night. Most artists required exotic wines, fruits and cheeses to be in their dressing rooms, but Waits only asked for “maybe case of beer and some Vienna sausages and some crackers” and he stayed in the very old tobacco farmers hotel in downtown Statesboro instead of the more upscale Holiday Inn where most big acts stayed. My big regret is that Waits did not have the stripper included in his act for our little school.

how to size watch band
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