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Where Can I Find Cheap Patio Furniture

where can i find cheap patio furniture
    patio furniture
  • Garden furniture, also called patio furniture and outdoor furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather resistant materials. The oldest surviving examples of garden furniture were found in the gardens of Pompeii.
  • Mainly used outside on the patio or around the pool. It’s designed to withstand the elements. Patio or pool furniture is made from teak, cedar, aluminum, or plastic compounds.
  • Green Lawn Chairs: Patty O'Furniture ^JG
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Take a Picture of a Scar and Write About It
Take a Picture of a Scar and Write About It
Digital image Where is my scar? - Look closely at my inner thigh? See it? See anything? Maybe a tiny, odd, fleshy discoloration? Right in front of my shorts hemline? Well it's there, I assure you. But I couldn't get a close-up because it isn't a very defined scar, so I posed for you instead. Why is the photo cropped so tiny? - Don't take pictures in short-shorts, that's all I'm gonna say. Why are you scared of patio furniture? - Read my story and find out. The story: Head's up! It's kind of gross. When I was maybe 6, 7, possibly 8 years old I attended one of my friend's birthday parties. It was very fun. One of the party games was musical chairs out on the deck. Musical chairs is a game where a group of children circle a group of chairs while some music is playing, but there is always one less chair than there are children. This way, when the music abruptly stops and everyone scrambles to sit down someone is always out. Then another chair is taken away and the cycle continues. The chairs in question were those plastic, easily breaking, white patio seats. Do not play musical chairs with these types of seats. Anyway, it was the final round. Me and the birthday girl and that one stupid patio chair. So we're circling and circling around this chair waiting for the music to stop each thinking we're going to win. SUDDENLY! The music stops. We both dive into the chair, my butt hitting the seat first and her crashing down on top of me. Underneath both of our weights that cheap plastic chair snaps into several pieces. Now, when plastic breaks it normally leaves sharp edges. And I'm guessing that you can guess where the sharp edge of the broken chair leg ended up? That's right, in my thigh. And now I have a scar. At least I won, right?
I think i can, i think i can...
I think i can, i think i can...
I spent an hour in the park this afternoon trying to get my levitation photo and failed miserably.. again. This was going to be my flying pose but from that distance i couldn't hear the self-timer beeps or see the red light flash because the sun was pointing straight into the camera. Trying to fly outside for the first time might have been a little ambitious... i'll try to defy gravity indoors on the weekend. Exposure - 1/1250 Aperture - f/3.2 Focal Length - 85 mm ISO Speed - 100

where can i find cheap patio furniture