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Canopy Furniture Collection

canopy furniture collection
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canopy furniture collection - Classic Accessories
Classic Accessories Veranda Collection Canopy Swing Cover
Classic Accessories Veranda Collection Canopy Swing Cover
Add Years Of Life To Your Outdoor Furnishings with the Most Durable Patio Covers Out There.
A Rich Collection Of Features Provide the Ultimate Protection Against the Elements. The Elegant Color Styling Allows These Attractive Covers To Blend Into Any Home Decor Palette As Well As Natural Outdoor Settings.
Fits canopy swings up to 78" L 60" W 72" H
Features an elegant fabric top with a protective water repellant and resistant PVC under coating and a protective splash guard skirt
Tough interlocking seams add strength and durability. Special treatments ensure fabric won't crack in cold weather.
Click close straps snap over legs to secure cover on windy days
Multiple air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting
Padded handles for easy fitting and removal
Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit
3 year warranty

89% (12)
Carved Canopy Details
Carved Canopy Details
York Minster is England's largest medieval cathedral and almost impossible to do justice to. It has an awesome presence that cannot fail to impress. Uniquely the cathedral was spared the ravages of the Civil War that decimated the mediecal art of most English cathedrals and churches, and thus posseses the largest collection of medieval glass in Britain throughout most of it's vast windows. Sadly this fortune was not matched by the Minster's vulnerability to fire which has ravaged the building in 3 major outbreaks, the worst in 1829 when a madman set fire to the precious medieval furniture of the choir, destroying both it, the organ and the high vaulted ceiling of the eastern half of the church. Only 11 years after this tragedy a careless workman accidentally set fire to the nave roof, which also lost it's vault. Both roofs were rebuilt in replica, but a further fire caused by lightning strike in 1984 destroyed the south transept roof (rebuilt 4 years later). Most medieval cathedrals were provided with stone vaulted ceilings precisly to avoid the problems suffered here, but York's builders found that building on such an unprecedentedly large scale brought limitations, thus all the Minster's high ceilings had to be built of wood in imitation of stone. An Achilles' Heel, but a beautiful one!
My new home collection...!!!
My new home collection...!!!
well.. my( my wife's) long pending dream comes to reality..!! yes i started my new home project on JAN26th. i set the target to my workers ON AUGUST 15th..!! i want to share some ideas and photos with you..!! all my wooden parts of this building is "RECYCLED WOOD" right from the construction to furniture!!! no new wood at all... my little contribution to the greens!!!! this furniture called DAY BED... i am planning to place it in the "FAMILY TELIVISION ROOM" from time to time..i photographed the process of construction..!! sure i will share with you here!! this furniture made of 100%Burmese teak wood.. dated 105 years old.. i restored and keep it for my home... lot of other furnitures also are ready to use...!!! i will share some of the furniture photo too here!!

canopy furniture collection