This is part of the team that makes the Fellowship an important asset for our community...  

Bill Pelto
Past President

Boone UU Board

President: Rob Lewis
Past President: Bill Pelto
President Elect: Greg McClure

Secretary: Lindsay Smith

Treasurer: Katie Trez-Cagle 

Members at Large...

Cinda Holcomb-Ebner, Jen 

Hayward, Glenn Wing



                                     Rev. Tommy Brown
                                  Ministerial Consultant

         Rob Lewis


Welcoming Congregation: empty
Campus Ministry: Richard Anderson
Congregational Care: Barry Thomas
Building and Grounds: John Marty
Special events: Catherine Fountain
Music: Linda Larson
Finance: Katie Trez-Cagle
Membership: Connie Green
Program: Linda Larson
Publicity: Shana Lewis
Religious Education: Kelly Walker
Social Action: Rebecca Moore
Nominating committee:
Alice Naylor, Will Canu